Preston 1 v Preston 2

Division A Wed 12th Feb 2020
BoardHomePreston 1Preston 2Away
1 (B) 212A
Lund, D Brett
½ - ½
Jowett, Peter E
2 (W) 185A
Peacock, Malcolm R
½ - ½
Taylor, Phillip J
3 (B) 161A
Ashcroft, Graham J
½ - ½
Reaney, Conor
4 (W) 138C
Pidcock, Alan
½ - ½
Thompson, Peter
5 (B) 141B
Pennington, Geoffrey
0 - 1
Rutlidge, Cliff H
Total8372 - 3Total839

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Prior to the match Carl Tillotson went down with the ‘virus’ and had to be replaced. Alan too had the virus but soldiered on. I wish my team wouldn’t drink that damned Corona beer.

Board 1 was first to finish. Brett placed a bishop on h4 which he described as a “bad move” and was unhappy as he said he rarely places a piece on the edge. It’s Pete’s birthday today, an early present.

In my game Conor played an unorthodox opening to mix it up. I arranged my pieces for a queenside attack but when a series of pawn moves closed that side of the board Conor’s kingside attack looked the more potent. With chances for both sides, and in a very unclear position, both players who were short of time shook hands.

On board 2 Malcolm believed that he had won a pawn but miscalculated, allowing Phil to draw with perpetual check.

Alan defended well on board 4. Peter seemed to have the initiative but with material level a draw was agreed.

Finally on board 5 Cliff had an extra pawn but Geoff was defending well and holding the position. Cliff was feeling the cold, wrapped in a thick coat, hat and scarf. He gave the impression of an arctic nomad sat patiently next to his hole in the ice awaiting his prey. This duly arrived when Geoff moved his king from a key square allowing Cliff’s king to penetrate. Geoff’s position collapsed.

A competitively fought match despite all the draws – a good win by the reigning joint-champions.