Lytham 1 v Poulton 1

Division A Thu 30th Jan 2020
BoardHomeLytham 1Poulton 1Away
1 (B) 187C
Hopkins, Kit W
0 - 1
Phillips, David A
2 (W) 170B
Cooper, John G
½ - ½
Cukovs, Oleg
3 (B) 145C
Raynor, Philip N
½ - ½
Garrett, Peter A
4 (W) 145D
Wilson, Peter A
0 - 1
Fearnhead, Ben
5 (B) 140A
Aspinall, David E
1 - 0
Fearnhead, Paul N
Total7872 - 3Total753

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Both teams were scraping along at the foot of the League and needed to get some points on the board. Well done Poulton for getting off the mark!
Poulton were led by their captain David against Kit who played his first League game this year. Their game was very tactical but I will have to leave it to David to fill in the details.
I obtained a space advantage against Oleg as a result of the opening play and Oleg tried to mitigate this by means of piece exchanges. However I maintained some pressure and we eventually reached an endgame with 1 rook and bishop each where I was able to force the win of a pawn. Oleg managed to activate his pieces and prevent me from advancing my extra pawn. After almost 60 moves we reached a rook and single pawn v rook endgame which was impossible for me to win.
Peter Garrett sacrificed some material in launching a dangerous attack against Phil's uncastled king in what appeared to be an exciting game but Phil was able to survive.
Fylde Junior Champion Ben proved too strong for Peter Wilson after winning one pawn and weakening several others without any compensation for Peter.
Ben's father Paul also plays a good game but came up against the buccaneering Dave Aspinall who loves his gambits and it paid of for Dave when he won the exchange.