Preston 3 v Poulton 2

Division B Wed 30th Oct 2019
BoardHomePreston 3Poulton 2Away
1 (B) 141B
Pennington, Geoffrey
1 - 0
Fearnhead, Ben
2 (W) 132E
Patsos, Charalampos
0 - 1
Fearnhead, Paul N
3 (B) 119F
Daune, Joss P
½ - ½
Gorman, Ken
4 (W) 107A
De Santos, Andrew R
1 - 0
Hartley, Dave C
Total4992½ - 1½Total444

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First to finish was board 2, where white sacrificed a piece to open up black's king, but could not make the attack stick, and the extra material for black eventually won out. This put Poulton ahead, and at this stage the other boards looked even, with, if anything Poulton having the slightly better position in a couple of games.

Ken's game with Joss then petered out in a draw, but Preston had fought back well in the other games: getting the better of a prolonged tactical exchange on board 1 to end up with a piece for two pawns which, with precise play, led to a win; and with a very well played endgame on board 4 with Andrew spotting the correct time to switch from pushing a passed pawn to attacking and checkmating Dave's king.

It has been said that the winner of a chess game is the player who makes the last-but-one mistake and that`s how Board 1 went. Ben got a space advantage from the opening and I then blundered a pawn. However a few moves later Ben`s oversight was more costly leading to the loss of a piece.