Club Championship Rapidplay 2019-20

Text Rapidplay Club Championship 2019
Takes place every Friday evening starting 7:30pm.
All club members are welcome both adults and juniors.
Played under tournament conditions. Games will be sent for ECF grading. Players need to be at least ECF Bronze members.
Juniors are free for first year.
Record the start of your game and bring into analysis room after your game for review by chess club trainers Jonathan and Trevor.
3 Points for a Win 2 points for a Draw and 1 point for a Loss
Currently standings on LMS does not show this scoring system please see our website for correct crosstable.
Event NameClub Championship Rapidplay 2019-20
Season NameSeason 2019
Event TypeIndividual all play all
Player ListCrowborough
Event Order1
HandicapNo handicap
Special Rules - fixture is1 match
Number of boards12
Grade Limit0
Grading CodeJECROW20
Primary Grading TypeECF Rapid Old 3 digit
Grade in brackets in match ViewECF Standard Old 3 digit
Sent for rating asNot sent for rating
ECF Members OnlyN
TreasurerDavid Fryer