Wimborne C v Highcliffe B

B&DCL Div 2 Wed 23rd Oct 2019
BoardHomeWimborne CHighcliffe BAway
1 (B) 137B
Wilson, Colin A
0 - 1
Ursell, Richard W
2 (W) 134B
Tyler, Alan J
1 - 0
Halse, Robert
3 (B) 131A
Joyce, Tim
0 - 1
Salinger, Neil
4 (W) 127C
Bowley, John R
½ - ½
Manson, Andrew
Total5291½ - 2½Total550

Last update Richard Ursell Wed 23rd Oct 2019 23:09. Reported by Richard Ursell Wed 23rd Oct 2019 23:09. Verified By Colin Wilson Thu 24th Oct 2019 00:33


Another excellent night of chess with our friends from Wimborne, typically the match went to 1.5- 1.5 with two gladiators Tim and Neil to slog it out with about a minute each Neil found a winning line to win the match.

Richard Ursell struck first for Highcliffe, playing what seemed to me to be an audacious attacking move from which there was no escape. Later analysis did reveal a possible escape route but it passed me by completely at the time and the game was over. Richard was a worthy and gracious winner. Alan Tyler hit back for Wimborne with an impressive win on Board 2, having an overload of pawns on both flanks. At this point the match could have gone either way with John Bowley launching a typically formidable Queen's side attack on Board 4. However, Andrew Manson defended resolutely and time pressure began to tell to the extent that John played one of the last moves of the game with literally just one second left. What was meant to be pawn to h6 to avert a potential counter attack mate actually became pawn to the floor with John's arm sweeping it from the board as he lunged desperately for the clock! A few moves later Andrew offered what was by this time a magnanimous draw and John accepted with some relief. All now hinged on the final game on Board 3. At first glance I wondered why they were still playing as Tim Joyce looked to be a queen down, only for me to discover her highness was tucked well away on h8, surrounded by many other pieces and hidden from my eyes by Tim's elbow! This game became more and more interesting as Neil Salinger kept probing dangerously, while both players were down to just over a minute each on the clock. This is where time increments can really make a difference and, whereas under the old time system a draw might have been agreed, both players were brave enough to slug it out to the finish. And what a clever finish it was, with Neil playing a queen sacrifice to force a mate and clinch the match for Highcliffe. An entertaining contest overall, played in an excellent spirit throughout.