Stowmarket v Linton Lynxes

Division 3 Tue 22nd Oct 2019
BoardHomeStowmarketLinton LynxesAway
1 (B) 116D (126B)
Green, David P
½ - ½
Redstone, Adam
118E (114D)
2 (W) 117C (116C)
Allen, Vicky B
0 - 1
Gordon-Shah, Shivum
103A (112C)
3 (B) 061C (59C)
Firman, Ray
½ - ½
Banerjee, Vikram K
093B (89C)
4 (W) 047B (48B)
Mackintosh, William
1 - 0
000 ()
Total3412 - 2Total314

Last update Steven Lovell Mon 11th Nov 2019 15:13. Reported by Veronica Allen Wed 23rd Oct 2019 10:31. Verified By Alan Wadsworth Mon 11th Nov 2019 13:52


Sorry for the Linton default it was me Rob Davies, the acting Team Captain as Alan Wadsworth was unavailable.
It was the first time I've been to Stowmarket & foolishly followed Satnav which, instead of going into the centre of Stowmarket, took me through the back streets bringing me out on Finborough Road (and as I later found out) beyond the Rookery Bowls Club.
When I realised that I was going away from the centre I went to reverse into a side road only to end up with the back wheels in a ditch which required an AA call-out.
After I was towed out of the ditch, I made my way eventually to the Rookery Bowls Club arriving about 8:40pm when at least my scheduled opponent & I played a friendly game.