Wolverhampton v Olton

Division Three Wed 13th Nov 2019
BoardHomeWolverhampton OltonAway
1 (W) 170A (162A)
Lewis, Christopher D
1 - 0
Chadaway, Stephen M
132A (120A)
2 (B) 151C (155C)
Uddin, Moin
½ - ½
Threlfall, Roger
134C (136C)
3 (W) 144A (147A)
Tarr, Steve F
0 - 1
Evans, Garry
125C (127C)
4 (B) 148A (148A)
Preece, Tony
½ - ½
Archibald, Warren
122A (116C)
5 (W) 138C (139C)
Pearson Jones, Peter J
0 - 1
Evans, Richard
120B (111C)
6 (B) 130B (142B)
Wood, Frank
½ - ½
Gillespie, Jim A
122B (110C)
Total8812½ - 3½Total755

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There is a problem with board two.

The match between Moin Uddin and Roger Threlfall is waiting for a judgement by the Appeals board! A spectator thought the game had finished as Roger was away from the board and when he asked Moin if it had finished he wrongly thought Moin said yes so he picked up the clock, turned it off and put it away at which point Moin said what are you doing we are still playing. Moin was well up on time but they could not remember the exact time for both sides so Moin suggested they have equal time which favoured Roger and Play on, this offer was declined. I don`t think either Player should be penalised and suggest Olton win the match 3-2 or even 4-2 but Moin and Roger finish their game with equal time for grading purposes only. A DRAW HAS BEEN AGREED!!

Draw agreed on B2.