Sutton Coldfield v South Birmingham B

Division One Mon 25th Nov 2019
BoardHomeSutton ColdfieldSouth Birmingham BAway
1 (W) 186A (175A)
Guha, Chirag
0 - 1
Hazlehurst, Cory S
176C (184C)
2 (B) 169C (167D)
Owen, Neil J
0 - 1
Dighton, Simon
000 ()
3 (W) 166C (163C)
Escott, Keith L
½ - ½
Emanuel, John L
174E (166D)
4 (B) 164B (159B)
Soszynski, Marek J
0 - 1
Walsh, Marcus
174B (171B)
5 (W) 151A (167A)
Ali, Golam S
1 - 0
Whitmore, Darren H
168D (164C)
6 (B) 134A (140B)
Marks, Robert
0 - 1
Clarke, Neil
160A (167B)
Total9701½ - 4½Total852

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South Birmingham are claiming a win on Board 3 due to fall of the Sutton Coldfield player's flag. I believe this is subject to dispute.

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Sutton Coldfield Bd 3 Claimed a draw in a Quickplay finish under FIDE 6·1, South Birmingham Bd 3 claimed the Sutton flag had fallen.
The committee listened to submissions from both sides. The committee decided that Keith Escott had correctly made a claim for a draw according to the FIDE Guideline. Although both players agreed the final position, Keith Escott was unable to consider participating in a reconstruction of the game score immediately after the match and supplied a re-constructed scoresheet to the committee later although this was not verified by John Emanuel. Acting as the designated arbiter and using Keith Escott’s scoresheet, the committee examined the last 10 moves of the game and concluded had Keith Escott had correctly claimed the draw.