Bury St Edmunds

The Bury St Edmunds Chess Club meets on Thursday evenings.

We meet every week during the chess season and fortnightly over the summer. Check the club website for details: www.bsechess.org.uk

Club nights commence at 7:15pm, with matches starting at 7:30pm.

ECF Club Code: 
Bury St Edmunds (9SLR) (Club)
Contact / Secretary: 
Bob Jones(bjones2)
Hugo Smith(hugosmith)
James Pack(jpack)
Laureano Garcia(lgarcia)
Rob Lepley(rlepley)
Steven Lovell(Steve Lovell)
Zia Quader(zquader)
Andrew Donnelly(adonnelly)
Anthony Taylor(ajtaylor)
Matt Carter(mcarter)
Steve Ruthen(sruthen)
Venue Match Limit: 
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