Crewe SCS 'B' v Newcastle

9th South Cheshire Shield Wed 10th Jul 2019
BoardHomeCrewe SCS 'B'NewcastleAway
1 (B) 138A (146B)
Renegade, Richard
1 - 0
Odingo, Myron
152L (152E)
2 (W) 128A (119A)
Barnett, Douglas J
0 - 1
Gissi, Alberto
119A (124A)
3 (B) 103L (107C)
Bulbeck, Julian
1 - 0(def)
Ashby, David E
094E (92C)
4 (W) 090* (83A)
Hall, Les
½ - ½
Lowe, Andrew David
090* (76E)
Total4592½ - 1½Total455

Last update Steve Emmerton Mon 15th Jul 2019 13:51. Reported by Alberto Gissi . Verified By Les Hall


agissi's picture

Unfortunately David Ashby didn't turn up. I've tried to contact him but I haven't heard back from him yet, I assume he just forgot about the match.
Other than that it was a very enjoyable night, with three intense games that could have ended either way.
Andy went from a winning position to a losing one and eventually managed to snatch a draw with Les. Doug's position looked promising for him, but in the end he had to exchange one rook for a knight and subsequently he missed a discovered check that allowed me to win the other rook and exchange the queens. Myron in the meantime had turned down a draw offer but pushed too much and ended up losing.

Thanks to Newcastle for, once again, having a great night's chess, I am looking forward to the return and hope, we will be just as lucky.