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Richard Furness League

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To update your team results, you must first Register with the LMS and have a user created for you. Use the LMS Contact link on the RED banner at the top of this page.

When you have your new username, let me know it so I can add you to the list of Club 'owners'. You can use "Contact Organisation Owner" option on left or send an email to "league-Manager@wdcl.co.uk" (or "chessatmurf@yahoo.com" which is the same thing)

This needs to be done before you will be able to input results.

You should input your results after each match by logging into this website and updating the team and results.
If you don't, then whatever results the other team captain inputs will stand!

In circumstances that prevent you from inputing, you may send your results to the Organisation 'Owner' as detailed earlier
and we'll try and get you set up for future.

Thank you

Latest Results

St Helens KC  4 - 1  Northwich KC  Wed 21st Feb 2024
When posting result, Web Page flags up a grade violation for away team, however, I underst
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Atherton KC  4½ - ½  Culcheth KC  Tue 20th Feb 2024
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Atherton A  3 - 2  Northwich A  Tue 13th Feb 2024
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Ormskirk A  3½ - 1½  St Helens B  Tue 13th Feb 2024
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