Update History

Updates November 20th 2020

  • Add the time to rounds list and match card for individual events.
  • Prevent error messages due to invalid urls (from hackers)

Updates November 16th 2020

  • Match card results link from fixtures list only goes to the Enter Match Result tab if the match time is in the past.
  • For online events hiding the pairings until the match time, the match View tab does not even show the pairings to organisation owners unless they click on another link. So they can remain ignorant of them if they are playing!
  • Match cards now display all ratings as 4 digits.
  • Online ratings extract starts from the 1st day of last month by default.
  • Some tidying up of code in the areas of ratings and reports which shouldn't change anything.
  • Bug fix - clubs recently added to the rating system were not appearing in the search when adding clubs only in the drop down.
  • Bug fix - clubs recently added to the rating system were appearing with a name of Unknown.
  • Bug fix - stop blank rating in player view and show fide ratings.

Updates October 29th 2020

  • Grading extract for online always runs 1st of month whereas otb is configurable
  • Club owners now specified via a seperate tab
  • Club owners link to their contact form when club details viewed.
  • A few cosmetic wording changes.
  • Bug fix - stop error message from PGN template for ungraded events
  • Bug fix - club owners could change the ECF club code.

Updates October 20th 2020

  • Bug fix - ECF members only event level setting was not working correctly.

Updates October 2nd 2020

  • Auto grading report to include all auto graded events from active seasons regardless of their having new results so that old ones with errors can be resubmitted.
  • Grading file screen updated to make it clearer its not relevant to auto grading.
  • Don't use cut off date when auto generating otb grading files - send everything we have.
  • Change of format to the online rating file
  • Online ratings loaded but only for players who happen to be in the membership list today (because the LMS stores ratings by grading code whereas the onliny ratings are by member id and the only way it has of linking them is the membership list)
  • Bug fix - cope with strange characters in event name when creating json filename for online grading.
  • Bug fix - json file error message if no club code
  • Bug fix - only show otb graders on the auto graders report.
  • Bug fix - base display of resubmit button on auto grading status not rating type.
  • Bug fix - url for the chess.com TV icon incorrect on match card view.
  • Bug fix - individual all play all pairings generation wrong for 4 digit grades.

Updates September 29th 2020

  • New event type of Individual Knockout
  • Option on the event to restrict the home and away team selection options to ECF members only.
  • On the view match card, the player links to the lichess id, and the TV icon links to the players current game (ie /tv )
  • Instead of getting a not authorised message if trying to access an online match card before 1 hour prior to the match, the match card view option now displays a messages saying that pairings are not available yet.
  • Check to prevent a result with a player playing themselves.
  • Check ECF membership id starts with ME
  • Bug fix - games/ grading report for players with no ECF code was showing games of other players

Updates September 3rd 2020

  • Auto grading now has 3 settings: manual, otb or online.
  • New start date input in grading file generation for online grading.
  • Updates for generating online grading file.
  • Updates for table changes in new grading system.
  • Updates to player list view ready to display new 4 digit rating.
  • Include membership ids from player table as well as using grading code in grading file generation.
  • Bug fix - individual events not containing the results in grading file (only very recently introduced so we shouldn't have missed anything)
  • Bug fix - stop error message from PGN generation
  • Bug fix - rapidplay list loaded twice for old august grades
  • Bug fix - link from autograding report for individual events was wrong.

Updates August 29th 2020

  • Include membership ID in grading file when not linked to grading code.
  • New PGN option under event view for generating PGN files for whole event as a ZIP file for Fair Play checking.

Updates August 24th 2020

  • Update who is using the LMS? to exclude test organisations, include individual events and exclude things more than 1 year old.
  • Include membership number in grading TXT file.
  • bug fix - match updates weren't working if new monthly july grades were selected because there aren't any yet.
  • bug fix - player links in different report weren't working
  • bug fix - error message caused by trying to get grading file from ungraded event
  • bug fix - grading file uses team names to construct match title to stop titles containing 'Round 1'
  • bug fix - new players option when ungraded wasn't working.

Updates July 29th 2020

  • for auto-rating, default the grader to the owner if not specified so things get send for grading.
  • exclude fixtures with all defaults or new player for auto-rating entirely.
  • links to the event and organisation from the auto rating report.
  • for online rating, generate both json and txt for autorating.
  • bug fix - team order in league table if no results yet.

Updates July 22nd 2020

  • Security update of underlying software (no impact expected)

Updates July 16th 2020

  • Game reference ID added under the admin tab of a match so that the online gameID can be recorded. It appears also in the XL link (EXcel)
  • Match card now shows the online user id for online events.
  • Event player status now shows a percentage column without defaults.
  • Enter match results now shows fixtures waiting for the user to verify (as well as fixtures he has permission to and that need results entered for)

Updates July 6th 2020

  • Preparation for 4 digit ECF grades (not available yet) and loading them from the new grading system.
  • Resubmit button added to autograding report for new grading system (not active yet)
  • Graded games column added to show how many games sent to new grading system (non yet!)
  • Bug fix - permissions for add clubs players to list and load from file were wrong.

Updates July 1st 2020

  • Bug fix - Online standard events not picked up for grading.

Updates June 30th 2020

  • Team select option to show both home and away teams if from the same club.
  • Add link to matchcard to chess.com game in the board column.
  • bug fix - PGN format had draw if no result specified.

Updates June 27th 2020

  • Results visibility = (V) Team Selection Option manual - always allow viewing of verified or locked matches.
  • Fixtures lists ordered by ID as well as date so order is always consistent.
  • Updates to PGN template.
  • lichess or chess.com id now shown on Team Selection drop down for online events.
  • list of potential owners for clubs (made up of users of organisations to which it belongs) now sorted by name.
  • bug fix - Default colours were not correct when using Team Selection option.
  • bug fix - Error message when using chess.com ids on match card.

Updates June 21st 2020

  • Results visibility = 'Team selection option manual' and 'No match update'. These give manual control of what the Team Selection option with time does (but without having to wait for the time to change) - see June 10th update for explanation!
  • Team selection tab now shows the match teams, and adds up the grades. Grades now appear when viewing the match.
  • Local grades can now be 4 digits. Local grades should be used in preferences to actual grades for FIDE rating, ECF otb and online ratings. If there is no rapidplay rating then standard play should be used.
  • New Platform setting added to event level. If its set to lichess or chess.com the matchcard will display a link to the players current lichess game (TV icon), or chess.com use profile.
  • From the View tab in an event, link to create a skeleton PGN file for the whole event.
  • bug fix - Organisers mass mail option to contact owners was contacting all users!
  • bug fix - Team selection tab on match (for captains to select teams without opposing captain seeing) was only working for home team.

Updates June 10th 2020

  • Results visibility = 'only admin before match time' now also causes some additonal functionality.
    1. If a user who is not an event or organisation owner, clicks on the match result in the fixture list up to 1 hour prior to the match time, and they are a club owner of one of the teams in the match they will be taken to a new tab called team selection which allows them to select their own team without seeing the other sides team.
    2. If a user who is not an event or organisation owner, clicks on the match result in the fixture list between an hour prior to the match time, and the match time itself, and they are a club owner of one of the teams in the match they wil

      Updates June 21st 2020

      • Results visibility = 'Team selection option manual' and 'No match update'. These give manual control of what the Team Selction option with time does (but without having to wait for the time to change).
      • Team selection tab now show the match teams, and adds up the grades. Grades now appear when viewing the match.
      • Local grades can now be 4 digits. Local grades should be used in preferences to actual grades for FIDE rating, ECF otb and online ratings. If there is no rapidplay rating then standard play should be used.
      • New Platform setting added to event level. If its set to lichess or chess.com it will display a link to the players current game.
      • From the View tab in an event, link to create a skeleton PGN file for the whole event.
      • bug fix - Organisers mass mail option to contact owners was contacing all users.
      • bug fix - Team selection tab on match (for captains to select teams without opposing captain seeing) was only working for home team.

      l be taken to view the match (which will enable them to see the pariings).

    3. If a user who is not an event or organisation owner, clicks on the match result in the fixture list between after the start match time, and they are a club owner of one of the teams in the match they will be taken to submit match result tab as normal.
    4. Access to viewing or updating by all other users should be as before.
    5. You only get the Team Selection tab if you are a club owner of one of the clubs. So an organisation owner can try it by temporarily making themself a club owner.

Updates June 9th 2020

  • Added fields to store the lichess and chess.com userids against the player
  • Bug fix - results visibility = only admin before match time now fixed (this will restrict access to the match until one hour before the match start time so that pairings can be entered by an event owner in advance without being visible)

Updates April 30th 2020

  • Added option of ECF August Rapid rating.
  • Updated JSON format grading file generation.
  • Bug fixe - error message when creating a new event.

Updates April 21st 2020

  • Added option of ECF Standard online rating.
  • Updated JSON format grading file generation.
  • Changes to underlying tables - hopefully won't break anything!

Updates March 29th 2020

  • Slightly new look. Less red and trying to send people to the correct contact options. Login link moved to left side.
  • New setting at event level for which rating you want to appear in brackets when viewing a match (if any). Replaces show option at organisation level.
  • Changes to the way grades are handled in the background which shouldn't break anything, but could...
  • Upgrade to drupal 7.69
  • bug fix - average grade violation was based on contested number of boards, thus pushing up the average for the team that didn't default. Now uses number of players per team.

Updates March 7th 2020

  • Bug fix - access to admin users owners not restricted enough.
  • Bug fix - match penalty not shown properly.
  • Bug fix - Remove commas in organisation name in grade extract csv.
  • Bug fix - remove incorrect 1970-01-01 DOBs.

Updates February 16th 2020

  • bug fix - Year of birth in selection list for adding existing player was sometimes shown as zero
  • bug fix - Adding a clubs players some times gave them an incorrect DOB of 1970 (for those born before 1970 )
  • Removal of some unused tables and change of data type (won't affect anything!)

Updates February 12th 2020

  • Bug fix - status email was just containing Array()
  • Mass Mail - added column to identify club/team.
  • Bug fix - diff column in league table was wrong.

Updates February 9th 2020

  • Auto grading setting added to event to try and make it clearer what is
    auto graded.
  • Warnings added to grading file generation screens to that grader knows if grading files will be generated by LMS. Also if auto grading is on, the event grading code and submission number can't be changed.
  • Show date for next time grading files will automatically be extracted to the grading system for auto graded events on the auto grading report.
  • Remove commas in event names sent for auto grading.
  • Option to set organisation users and owners moved into separate tabs and now show full name not just user name to make identification of correct users easier.
  • Mail option rewritten and team captains option added.
  • Number of defaulted boards added to league table.
  • League table key showing SP, MP etc only appears if you have those columns in your league table.
  • Postponed matches not incuded in the late matches report.
  • bug fix - August grades for rapidplay were showing on player list.
  • bug fix - Set local grades to published restricted to organisation owners only

Updates January 4th 2020

  • Changes to underlying grading tables - should not affect anything!
  • New admin report listing the graders for auto graded events.
  • Prevent commas in players names.
  • bug fix - incorrect dob differences showing in reports/different.
  • bug fix - individual event fixture generation error.
  • bug fix - club owner couldn't verify if organisation owner had updated.
  • bug fix - event treasurer kept getting set back to organisation treasurer if you went into settings tab again.

Updates December 20 2019

  • Bug fix - report showing events going for grading was showing a "No Club" message for all players in individual events without a club specified - it should have only been showing it for new players

Updates December 12 2019

  • Added treasurer field at event level to support automated sending of results to grading.

Updates December 7th 2019

  • New report 'Similar' showing players who do not have an ECF grading code but are similar to players in the grading list ( to help identify where a new player was added but they already existing in the grading list ).
  • New report showing which events will be graded automatically ( Reports / grading )
  • Function to generate grading files without intervention from the grader.
  • don't allow a dob of less than 3 years old.
  • Bug fix - add board not working for a 2 match fixture.

Updates December 1st 2019

  • Gender added to View Player page.
  • New Player not available in drop down lists if 4th player list access option is selected at organisation level.
  • Only allow 'Un Named' to be selected for defaults.
  • New report 'Different' showing players whose details in the LMS differ from those in the grading system. If these players play graded games then this difference may end up being applied to the grading system.

Updates November 14th 2019

  • It is now possible to login using your email address so that you don't need to remember your userid.
  • contact organisation owner help link disabled if the organisation owner has set their contact form for no contact.
  • New (optional) level of player list access (on the organisation) which makes setting of local grades mandatory.
  • New option under Admin/Local grades to set the local grades to the published grade if the published grade differs from the amended ECF grade.
  • When submitting a match card the date is set to the current date only if there was previously no date or the date option is set to notset. Previously is was also doing this if the date option was set to 'week of'.
  • Explanatory text added to season option to make it clearer. Added confirm delete for deleting as season and made the Copy redirect to the correct place.
  • bug fix - restrictions on player list access for club owners on some fields were not working properly.
  • bug fix - bread crumb showing incorrect fixture title sometimes.

Updates November 2nd 2019

  • In Admin/Player Lists, order them by name alphabetically
  • bug fix - stop error message on event settings form for grading code when adding a new event.
  • bug fix - prevent incorrect year of birth showing in add existing player to player list option.
  • bug fix - player grade option was only showing games for team events.
  • update to help where club menus have changed.

Updates October 28th 2019

  • comments added in event settings form to add clarity.
  • bug fix - fixture titles in player games / grade sometimes showing round number instead of teams.
  • bug fix - club menu tab wrongly labelled as organisation instead of fixtures.

Updates October 17th 2019

  • change the link from clubs on the home page to go to the club options specific to that organisation (including the player list)
  • Add new organisation level settings grader and type to distinguish test organisations and clubs.
  • New fixture date option of 'do not show on fixture list' so that bye fixtures can be entered so they show on the draw but not in the fixture lists.
  • Add the event grading code to the event settings form.
  • Link to organisations and clubs from the My Account / LMS access tab.
  • bug fix - violations eg grading limit not being reported correctly
  • bug fix - grading limit being set to zero when going into event settings
  • bug fix - for generated fixtures the new player matches report and the match update emails were showing the round number instead of the fixture title.
  • bug fix - add club didn't behave well if you tried to add a club that was already there.
  • bug fix - add board was giving error message if you didn't immediately put in a match result.

Updates September 27th 2019

  • bug fix - club organisation menu tabs switching order.
  • bug fix - not returning to correct place after club settings update.
  • bug fix - back to list tab not returning to correct place in various reports
  • bug fix - mail club secretaries report wasn't working.

Updates September 24th 2019

  • Club menus rearranged so the options related to an organisation appear in a tab for that organisation.
  • Club player stats separated into 2:- one for an organisation and one for all organisations.
  • Change the heading on the player list which says "Grade (Aug)" to say "Grade (Jan)" when system is set to be on August grades.
  • list club championships on club page (deduced from those events using a clubs player list).
  • bug fix - when changing a fixtures date via the popup from the fixture list keep the time the same as it was before.
  • bug fix - individual event standings was giving an error message when no results.

Updates September 20th 2019

  • bug fix - all fixtures option not showing the time correctly.
  • bug fix - add existing player to player list shows dob of 1970 if for a player not in the ECF list with no dob.
  • bug fix - confirm delete was showing wrong fixture title.
  • bug fix - sorting league table by team order was giving error message.

Updates September 17th 2019

  • Cat included when showing ECF grade in brackets after grade in match card.
  • Local option removed from 'show current grade' at organisation as it didn't make sense any more and nobody is using it and it had a bug.
  • bug fix - fixture generation - club venue not available not working.
  • bug fix - prevent sort of player list by the delete column.
  • bug fix - delete player was not working.
  • bug fix - if deleting a player, link to events they had games in was wrong.
  • bug fix - clear event fixtures cache when updating a fixture.

Updates September 2nd 2019

Updates September ?nd 2019

  • Cat included when showing ECF grade in brackets after grade in match card.
  • Local option removed from 'show current grade' at organisation as it didn't make sense anymore and nobody is using it and it had a bug.
  • bug fix - fixture generation - club venue not available not working.
  • bug fix - prevent sort of player list by the delete column.
  • bug fix - delete player was not working.
  • bug fix - if deleting a player, link to events they had games in was wrong.
  • bug fix - clear event fixtures cache when updating a fixture.
  • Admin sub-tab of Admin renamed to Organisation for clarity.
  • Remove fixture revisions option, since it doesn't do anything.
  • Remove sort by bonus points for winning team and instead rename the Two Matches option to Special fixture Options with a setting for bonus.
  • In Swiss Individual Standings table, link round heading to the pairings.
  • In fixture generation, save the date when checking fixtures or showing constraints.
  • prevent users who don't have access from entering information in the fixture generation dates fields.
  • bug fix - adjustment field getting set to 0 when edit match again.
  • bug fix - don't initialise event name with leading space.
  • bug fix - make sure league table has at least one sort option.
  • bug fix - only use local rapid play rating if greater than zero in match card drop downs.
  • bug fix - when using the 2 matches option for the Birmingham league, any win by default in match one was erroneously reported as a violation.
  • bug fix - Individual Swiss Standings table sometimes showing - instead of 0
  • bug fix - If using the option on a match card to show the local grade in brackets, it add up the total grade wrong.
  • bug fix - player view option not showing rapidplay grade correctly.
  • bug fix - games played by non-members report was not showing those with only ECF supporter status.
  • bug fix - fixture generation avoiding dates in other leagues wasn't working.
  • bug fix - free text field contents not being shown for events.

Updates August 11th 2019

  • New ability to select which league table columns you want - select event, settings.
  • Updates to underliying tables to improve performance and save space.
  • Invidiual events standings now have - or blank instead of zero for unplayed matches.
  • Now possible for the admin to update the winner in a league match
  • bug fix - late matches report wasn't working.
  • bug fix - non-member report wasn't working.
  • bug fix - un-dated match report not showing postponed matches.
  • Bug fix - date when local grades last zeroed wasn't being updated.

Updates July 17th 2019

  • Change to underlying fixture tables to save space and improve performance.
  • Security updates.
  • Show time a match was verified on the match card.
  • Bug fix - match date on press report was wrong.
  • Bug fix - club secretary selector had stopped working
  • Bug fix - mass emails of club secretaries had stopped working
  • Bug fix - copy season wasn't creating events properly causing it to not remember the player list for individual events or the league table order for team events.

Updates June 4th 2019

  • Show FIDE data load status on Local Grades tab.
  • Help updates
  • bug fix - error message if player has no first name in grading list.
  • bug fix - time link on main fixtures tab wrong.
  • bug fix - link off no date matches to match was wrong.
  • bug fix - error message when copying season if team to avoid does not exist.
  • Bug fix - stop error message for PGN where player name is blank.
  • protect against errors due to invalid urls.
  • protect against attempts to view non-existant players.

Updates May 23rd 2019

  • Bug fix - error messages when viewing ungraded players
  • Bug fix - fixture delete button not working correctly
  • Bug fix - club player stats PDF and Excel not formatted correctly

Updates May 21st 2019

  • Fixture Edit tab renamed to Settings and time popup selector added.
  • Time defaults to 19:30 when adding a new fixture.
  • Clubs listed alphabetically in admin club status list.
  • Filter on completed fixtures added to main fixture tab.
  • Popup to edit all play all result from standings now includes date.
  • Admin/Local grades tab now shows when membership and grades last loaded.
  • View of player from player list now shows membership and grades.
  • Bug fix - html in time column when getting Excel from main fixtures tab.

Updates May 15th 2019

  • bug fix - database field storing event grading code not large enough so increased to 10 chars.

Updates April 27th 2019

  • games played by non-members shows those with greater than 3 games in bold.
  • status box formatted as a table and queries cached to speed up load.
  • Bug fix - stop truncation of team name in event players stats.
  • Bug fix - game fee status now links to correct report.

Updates April 3rd 2019

  • All play all individual tournaments results can be updated via a link from the standings.
  • New option to generate the pairings for individual all play all.
  • Player stats now sortable ( event, club, team)
  • Some date formats changed with aim of standardizing on Tuesday 2nd Apr 2019
  • New report showing players with no grade or CAT F.
  • New lines in the status block on the organisation home page showing number of players with no grade or CAT F and number of players who will owe game fee.
  • Bug fix - sorting club player stats by organisation now works.

Updates March 2nd 2019

  • League table shows points in bold.
  • If using August grades, and no august grade, then use Jan grade.
  • If using option to check average grade of players in a match, only use the grades of those who actually played (ie ignore defaults)
  • ECF grading code for event remembered.
  • August grade column added to player list.
  • Bug fix - player stats putting brackets in name into team column.
  • Event Edit Tab replaced by Settings and re-written.
  • System changes affecting clubs and player lists and access.
  • Date added to players games report and PDF/Excel option
  • Late matches report changed so it starts with yesterdays matches not todays
  • Bug fix - club player stats was showing multiple rows for players in different organisations. Now added an organisation column.
  • The Contact Organisation Owner link is now available to users who are not logged in. Users not logged will have to answer a simple chess question (to deter spammers). This is because people without logins sometimes have legitimate reasons to contact leagues.

Updates January 25th 2019

  • January grades loaded
  • New option for specifying how league table is sorted at event level superceeding the setting at organisation level which will be removed. Allows league table to be sorted by various different things in event defined order.
  • bug fix - match card sometimes showing incorrect cat when using latest grades.
  • Player grading column renamed to local grade for clarity.???
  • ECF administrator can change a clubs name to be different from the grading system.
  • bug fix - refresh fixture list when deleting a fixture.
  • change link in status emails to he https so you don't need to login again.
  • bug fix - club owner/contact settings on user lms tab were not correct.
  • bug fix - include wins by default 1-0(def) in individual event standings.
  • bug fix - in player grade performance estimate don't use CAT * grades and don't apply the 40 point rule to ungraded players.

Updates December 31st 2018

  • Latest grades loaded.
  • Security upgrade to underlying drupal.
  • Colour change so that large individual all play all events and league cross tables display properly.
  • Allow larger penalties to be applied to matches (even lets you have negative scores if you really want! )
  • Don't show average or total grading limit exceeded message for individual events.
  • Include individual events in the ecf non-members report.
  • Bug fix - store correct results date for add board in match card.
  • Bug fix - grading file generation cufoff date looks at individual results date, rather than match date.

Updates November 6th 2018

  • Bug Fix - player grade for players without grading code match link was wrong.
  • Bug fix - 1970s dates in grading file.

Updates November 3rd 2018

  • Bug Fix - error message from individual standings if there was a default
  • Breadcrumb - showing where you are in the header,

Updates October 31st 2018

  • Ensure generated fixtures have zero time (ie midnight).
  • Make time in edit fixtures and fixture lists a link to fixture edit.
  • If there is a time after the date when loading fixtures from file then set it.
  • If fixtures generated with no dates then when setting a date, default to today.
  • Add PDF link to the league table from event.
  • Make team name a mandatory field then adding a new team.
  • A date may be supplied for each game in individual event.
  • Show teams on event player stats
  • don't report a violation for missing results in individual events.
  • Show opponent and colour on individual event standings.
  • Round up the average grade so that it correctly reflects what will happen if an average grading limit is exceeded in a match.
  • Bug fix - example API javascript function in help.
  • Bug fix - help organisation setup file not showing from help menu.
  • Rename Admin/Refresh Grades to Local Grades as it doesn't refresh any more.
  • Bug fix - error when sorting the locally graded players report.
  • When adding a new event, restrict the season to active or new seasons.
  • When viewing a player details, clarify the purpose of the club setting.
  • Add link to getting started help from front page.
  • As postponed link removed when viewing match card. Fixtures should now be marked postponed via the Edit tab.
  • Put date into PDF / XL match card.

Updates October 16th 2018

  • Currently the match time shown in the fixture list is taken from the home club. This can cause problems where a club plays in more than one league, and so it is now possible to specify a time for an individual fixture. This is done by selecting the event, then Edit fixtures, then Edit.
  • Improve view player
  • Bug fix - match card verifier was not being removed when match result changed.
  • Player lists to show both standard and rapid grade cat, with the local cat L grade if it exists.

Updates October 2nd

  • Latest grades loaded.

Updates September 26th

  • Redirect logins to https for greater security

Updates September 13th 2018

  • Change loading of ecf membership file to cope with new format membership numbers.
  • Add lms tab on user to show what access they have. ECF Admin can look at other peoples
  • Bug fix - players grade was showing wrong games for un-graded players
  • Limit list of teams to avoid in fixture generation to active seasons.

Updates September 7th 2018

  • Change fixture generation "teams to avoid" to list teams from the same club but also including teams in different leagues.
  • Add a question to the contact form to try and prevent SPAM.

Updates September 3rd 2018

  • Bug fix to fixture load - was sometimes getting a team from a different division if they have the same name.
  • Bug fix - error message when updating indvidual results.
  • help page updates.

Updates August 29th 2018

  • Bug fix to club status - was sometimes causing clubs to disappear from the home page.
  • Security updates to 2 modules.
  • help page updates.

Updates August 5th 2018

  • Season administration screen changed to be more hopefully more obvious to use and also new season order field added to control which order multiple seasons are listed in.
  • Fixture generation improved to spread fixtures with unequally sized division
    s better. Also improve the 'ran out of weeks' message.
  • New alternative fixture generation algorithm - see help for details
  • New fixture generation check option which allows you to:
    1. Constaints - View all the fixture generation constraints such as dates, venue limits, and teams avoiding each other in once place.
    2. Check Existing Fixtures - Check fixtures you have generated against the constraints - can also but done to check fixtures you have imported or added manually. Other checks could be added here.
    3. Restrict viewing of team captains contact details to users in the same league.
    4. Filter added to main Fixtures tab to filter fixtures by season.
    5. Bug fix - problem with match card verify by organisation owner if nobody else had updated the match previously.

Updates July 31st 2018

  • New grades loaded

Updates July 11th 2018

  • Club status field changed to be per organisation. set in Admin / clubs.
  • Player lists show local grade if there is one in preference to ECF grade.
  • All play all individual table shows multiple results between the same players.
  • Bug fix - player grade option for player with no ECF code was causing error message
  • Rewording of some text to make things clearer. Help updates.

Updates June 15th 2018

  • New club status field to hide in-active clubs. Also can have Friendly clubs that are hidden from list on home page, but allowed as a team.
  • Set values for some newer settings fields to avoid confusion.
  • Link from Enter Match Results to clubs goes direct to fixtures
  • Link from Enter Match Results to admin goes to organisation owner not ecf admin.
  • Ensure all matches within a fixture are updated together (as a transaction)
  • Indexs and field changes to speed up some slow queries.
  • Bug fix - new player with no ECF code showing multiple times in individual event.
  • Bug fix - matches with new player adding up grades wrong - NaN
  • Bug fix - ( shown in grade for ungraded player on match.

Updates June 13th 2018

  • The way grades for matches work has changed. Rather than having each organisation have to refresh grades as used to happen, you just choose one of the new event level rating type options:
    1. ECF Standard (Latest) - uses what ever the latest ECF grade is.
    2. ECF Standard (August) - uses the latest grade up until January, when it uses the previous grade (which by then will be the August grade)
    3. ECF Rapid (Latest) - uses the latest rapid play grade.

    These use the grade from ECF grading list not the grade from the LMS players list. Existing events should be unaffected (they have been updated to use the new options, if they weren't already). The grade in the player list is only used if you want a different local grade from the ECF one eg for ungraded players. Otherwise leave it blank (any grade in the player list is CAT='L')

  • Added option for Ungraded event
  • Validation that Federation is 3 characters
  • Streamline of underlying data storage to save space and speed up.
  • Bug fixes: individual event table didn't add win by default into total points, link to contact admin from 'enter match results' went to the wrong place, some unpublished ( CAT='*') rapid grades being picked up.

Updates May 15th 2018

  • New Options for event grading type.
    1. ECF Standard (Latest) - uses what ever the latest ECF grade is.
    2. ECF Standard (August) - uses the latest grade up until January, when it
      uses the previous grade (which by then will be the August grade)
    3. ECF Rapid (Latest) - uses the latest rapid play grade.

    The above use the grade from ECF grading list not the grade from the LMS players list, unless the LMS grade is a cat 'L'. The intention is to move all events over to these new options eventually. Existing events should be unaffected.

  • When searching for new players to add, only show year of birth not DOB.
  • Bug fix: FIDE rated events were storing the ECF grade in the background, causing the PDF option to be wrong, and it to show the current FIDE rating, rather than the FIDE rating at the time the match was played.
  • NOTE: If you get any issue with zero grades after submitting a match, refres
    h your browser whilst in the "Enter Match Result" tab to bring in the latest jav
    ascript update.

Updates April 28th 2018

  • Critical security update to underlying drupal software (7.59)

Updates April 16th 2018

  • New field on a fixture called Date Option which can be set to:
    1. Week - for when you don't yet know the exact date in a knockout because you don't know who won a previous round and hence which is the home team.
    2. Not Set - for when you haven't decided the date
    3. Postponed - for a postponed match (this duplicates the functionality that allows fixtures to be marked to appear in the flagged matches report which is confusing and will be removed at some stage unless someone objects)

    Previously it would put 'Week' before the fixture date if the home team wasn't known, but sometimes we can know the date in these circumstances.

  • No date filter added to main fixtures tab.
  • New report of fixtures with no date.
  • New option to select player as 'Not Named', rather than default for
    the winner of a defaulted match.
  • The organisation level setting to show another grade in brackets now has a new option of 'local'
  • Teams can have a 2nd match night specified for fixture generation.
  • Upgrades to some drupal modules.

Updates April 4th 2018

  • Critical security update to underlying drupal software
  • Bulk email changed to disable attachment option as this had a side effect of causing bulk mails to be blocked as SPAM

Updates March 6th 2018

  • Organisation owner can edit fixtures comments.
  • Text on match card comment field advising users not to enter DOB.
  • Hide some fields on email club secretaries form. Allow attachments.
  • Option to restrict match cards to organisation owner until time of match so that team lists can be published there.
  • Indicate winning team on fixture list for matches where the scores are equal, but a winner as set.
  • Individual event All-Play-All table.
  • New grade limit option for all players under limit.
  • From admin tab / player lists, there is a link to extract list into Excel.
  • Admin / players tab has link to extract list of all players into XL.
  • Option for FIDE rated events (although FIDE ratings not loaded yet)
  • Bug fixes: Some matches showing under 'Enter Match Results' that shouldn't, clear cache to prevent league table showing after all fixtures deleted, adjustment field not being set correctly, don't show current grade in brackets in match card if its a cat *,

Updates January 29th 2018

  • January Grades loaded.
  • New options for grade refresh (All, Cat L - Local, Newly graded).
  • New reports for players with local grades and newly graded.
  • Update to ECF membership file load to filter out people who are in the membership list twice.

Updates January 23rd 2018

  • Bug fixes: club stats was showing extra players. event owners couldn't update team matches

Updates January 22nd 2018

  • Flagged matches and club players stats are sortable.
  • Membership file load automated (daily)
  • New option under mail to email club secretaries
  • Links to users in team captains reports, match cards, and from club secretary.
  • New setting at event level to allow optional handicap field at event level when entering match results.
  • Match result of 0-0 added.
  • Getting started help link added when in user account.
  • Bug fixes: stop brackets () being removed from player names when player lists created.
  • Changes to the way permissions work (removal of league_admin role)

Updates January 3rd 2018

  • TXT format grading files for individual events now have SECTION RESULTS, Round, board number.

Updates December 18th 2017

  • Added filter for fixtures with no date (main fixtures tab)
  • Add new flag to mark a fixture as postponed
  • Prevent the creation of 2 seasons with the same name.
  • Ensure that if an event is removed the teams are removed as well, and other similar data integrity checks
  • Remove old data, like teams with no event, etc.
  • Loaded latest membership list.

Updates December 11th 2017

  • Fixture generation dates to avoid for organisation moved to seperate tab off Admin/fixtures - new method avoids bug in add date button.
  • Fixture generation dates to avoid for team moved to seperate tab.
  • New violation type of missing results added. Enter match results option now lists matches until all their results have been added.
  • Make option for adding clubs a bit clearer
  • Fix bug when trying to generate fixtures for one event at once with teams to
    avoid specified and at comment to say this can only be done if you generate all
    fixtures at once.
  • New option to generate TXT format grading file as an alternative to Excel.
  • Get the knockout table display to work even when there are no fixtures for a round (for example if the fixtures start at round 2, or there are fixtures for round 1 and round 3, but not round 2 - as in the Birmingham league plates)

Updates December 4th 2017

  • Upgraded underlying software and loaded latest membership file. Remove some duplicate player lists

Updates November 20th 2017

  • Organisation level setting to turn flagging of commented fixtures on.
  • Option for league owners to email all their users.
  • Various bug fixes including - title of individual rounds, correct drawing of knockout tables, checking that PIN is an integer on player list load, ordering of league table points by For.

Updates November 6th 2017

  • Organisation owners can add users to their organisations. ECF Admin still needs to create new users though.
  • Organisations can choose from several options as to how much power club owners have to update lists.
    When checking for grade limit exceeded, the average grade is not rounded down anymore.
  • Birmingham league 2 match option has aggregate bonus optional.
  • Various bug fixes including - add existing player sorted correctly, and average grade added up correctly for 2 match fixtures.

Updates October 23rd 2017

  • Software version upgraded from PHP 5.3 to PHP7.0 - no impact expected. SMTP Mail enabled to try and prevent system emails going to SPAM folders

Updates October 16th 2017

  • Treasurer field added to Organisation and included in grading file
  • Payer list shows standard grading first and membership number based on grading code
  • Actual names also shown when adding organisation owners
  • Date added to latest match results
  • New button to delete all fixtures on fixture load screen
  • Various bug fixes and additional validation to prevent errors

Updates September 25th 2017

Updates September 18th 2017

  • New setting at organisation level - white on odds defaults to home or away team.
  • Event order setting - so you can determine what order they appear in the list on the left hand side.
  • Multi select widget for selecting organisation owners
  • Fixture generation defaults to blank dates, rather than today
  • When first logging in it shows list of your organisations on the left and clubs on the right
  • Fixture load allows a team named Bye, in which case team is left unset. Also better messages for number loaded.
  • ICAL link on fixtures and new action on main fixtures tab to create calendar file for importing into google
  • PGN link on match card to create skeleton PGN file.
  • bug fixes: wrong cat stored for rapidplay match, csv fixture load file not working properly,

Updates September 6th 2017

  • New Players option - update grade if there is one
  • Admin/Player Lists - retain sort on delete or add existing, show 50 at once.

Updates August 16th 2017

  • Added ability to load fixtures from Excel file. This is under new Admin/Fixtures tab - Generate Fixtures option is now under this also
  • The Admin tab now shows the organisation settings by default and hopefully makes it more obvious how to change them.
  • Various bug fixes, including fixing the function that emails out any match updates.

Updates July 13th 2017

  • The next time you login it will ask you to approve the terms and conditions.
  • The match shows "Reported By" as a separate field. This is updated when the match result is updated.
  • There is now an admin tab on the match card where you do things such as add penalties, lock the match etc. This does not update the "Reported By" field. If you want to update the result as an admin, go into the "Enter Match Result" tab (which will update the "reported by" field)
  • Seasons can now have a status of "New" in which case events only appear in the admin tab and not in the league table. So you can set up new seasons without having them visible to everyone
  • It is possible to susbscribe to receive emails for:
    • match updates for an organisation - sends you a link to the match(s)
    • status emails - tells you something changed about the status box on the home page, e.g. the number of flagged matches or new player matches has changed which might mean that the admin needs to do something.
  • Restricted organisations for schools leagues in which case things such as player stats and match cards are only visible to logged in users in that organisation.
  • Googlemaps field on the club - for the venue.