Leeds Chess Association - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Steve KelleyLimewood & Scarcroft3001021
Nigel LawsonLimewood & Scarcroft3150001
Neil S BroatchMoortown2745722
Katarina SucikovaMoortown2922821
Dave YoungPudsey2654749
Callum WelshPudsey2901309
Daniel Alsina LealLeeds CCCC2925737
D RajkumarLeeds CCCC2954052
Mark FletcherMoortown28223812
Roy ThomasYorks Copper Works1787447
Gary CorcoranPudsey2586516
Thomas JordanLeeds University25246611
Jonathan PughLeeds CCCC2884492
Mark HarrisAlwoodley248487ME00975312
Dominic MaynardLeeds University3141071
Thomas WoodRose Forgrove6
Jonathan TolanAlwoodley2711688
Robin SarsfieldAlwoodley7
Oliver Dickinson3
Greg T EagletonPudsey2594691
Jonathan FigyLeeds University5
James DavidsonLeeds University8
Joel KloLeeds University3
Orrie AppellRose Forgrove9
Hector CruañesLeeds University3
Amin AtashgaranLeeds University8
Triumph OniLeeds CCCC2910154
Mindaugas VidmantasLimewood & Scarcroft2
David HItchman2
Martin KrejciLeeds CCCC5
Noah HaynesLeeds University3125252
David HitchmanRose Forgrove3
Stephen FirthLeeds CCCC1492703
Giovanni SoldàLeeds University1
Marcus SinclairLeeds University2
Hugh HarrisLeeds University3042131
N MukelabaiLeeds CCCC2284822
Winston WilliamsMoortown2610601
Luke AmosLeeds University4
Ruth SarsfieldAlwoodley1
Muhammad HasanLeeds University2
Eduards MazmacsLeeds University1
B CarderYorks Copper Works2436791
Anchit VirmaniRose Forgrove2

Based on membership list date Thu 13th August 2020 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.