Latest Updates

Updates January 2nd 2021

  • Upgrade to use phpspreadsheet instead of phpexcel which is defunct and spews out warning messages on php 7.4. Impacts output of grading excel files, match cards and fixtures lists as excel and loading of player lists.
  • Bug fix - load of july ratings failing due to incorrectly calculating the month for getting july grades after the change of year.
  • Bug fix - automated online ratings extract was mistakenly taking the date of last running from the OTB extract.
  • Bug fix - player list not removed when removing club from organisation.
  • Bug fix - was going to the wrong place after removing club from organisation.
  • Bug fix - player list delete giving error message.

Updates December 30th 2020

  • Bug fix - player list help not showing properly
  • Code setup to update from git

Updates December 21st 2020

  • Increase size of text field in Admin / Display option.
  • Bug fix - mislabelled drop down in Admin / Display option.
  • Various upgrades to the help files
  • Upgrade to latest version of drupal 7

Updates December 9th 2020

  • Move the Admin / Display setting to its own tab.
  • Change the Contact organisation over link to link to a page where they can choose to contact one of the owners, rather than just the main one.
  • Online ratings load picks up XG ids.
  • Event player stats includes a performance rating.
  • Bug fix - verify match result not allowed until the match has started and has had a result reported.
  • Bug fix - stop error message from league/club/oplist url with invalid organisation.
  • Bug fix - remove old grading files so they don't get included again.
  • Bug fix - stop warning message when doing the grading extrat.
  • Bug fix - restrict access to match card PDF or Excel until after pairings are visible.

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