Update History

Updates November 3rd 2021

  • Don't load CAT * ratings.
  • Missing grader and treasurer now defaults to owner so rating submissions don't fail.
  • allow OTB blitz to be selected as an option for sending to rating.
  • allow grading limits > 9999.
  • don't allow grading limits for events without a grading displayed on match c
  • Stop running the online grading extract to create json.
  • Make surnames, firstnames and clubs mandatory on new players.

Updates October 2021

  • Remove option to set local grades to published grade since there is no such thing as published graded any more.
  • Change the Remove Local Grades option to use the September rating not the old 3 digit grade.
  • Set the rating used in the ungraded player games report to the September one, not old 3 digit.
  • Change rating used in the player grade tab to the September one, not old 3 digit.
  • Allow online ratings to be loaded from the OTB system.
  • Add the January rating as an OTB option.
  • Bug fix - prevent users from not specifying a grader or treasurer.

Updates September 6th 2021

  • Don't show anything on recent fixtures on the home page further than 30 days back ( eg stuff before lock down! )
  • Make the Resubmit to grading button include all games in the event - was only including those up to the day before.
  • Bug fix - pairings visible via Excel when should be hidden.
  • Bug fix - error message when using September grades.
  • Bug fix - events not being sent for rating when rating displayed in match set to unrated. Change this setting to none, and always send to rating if the send for rating field is set.

Updates August 1st 2021

  • Resubmit button works for online ratings as well as OTB and can be used at
    any time not just when there has been an error.
  • Show the new otb ratings on club player lists, not the old 3 digit grades.
  • Rename the rating based on games in July to be called August rating for consistency with the rating system.
  • The supported otb ratings are now August 1st (based on games up to July), September 1st (based on games up to August) and live (based on all rated games received).
  • Results sent to the rating system 4 times per month instead of one, on 7th, 14th, 21st and 29th of the month.
  • Bug fix - stop zero rapid ratings caused due to expanded domains.
  • Online games are now being submitted for rating via the OTB system so that the graded games column in the Auto Grading report will show the number of games that the rating system has.

Updates June 26th 2021

  • Hybrid option added to 'send for rating as' in event settings.
  • Send online ratings to OTB system as well in preparation to migrate.
  • bug fix - ensure games on 1st of month picked up for online rating.
  • bug fix - ensure all play all updates from standings updates the round with the reporters user name so the event is always picked up for rating.
  • Help file updates.

Updates June 13th 2021

  • Remove auto locking and verify emails from the organisation settings as these options have never been implemented.
  • Add comment about grader in organisation level settings.
  • Remove option of grading OTB as blitz since the rating system doesn't support it yet.
  • Add a message to the grading files generation report if there were no games in the month for an online event.
  • For individual all play all events, default the date of a game that has no result entered yet to the current date instead of the round date which may have been generated a long time ago.

Updates April 14th 2021

  • Rename the rating lists shown in Event Settings to make the names clearer.
  • Modify PGN output to include 3 numbers in 'Round' match.round.board
  • Replace the 'Enter Match Results' option under Events on left hand side with Today's Fixtures.
  • Add new online platform option in event settings of Tornelo.
  • Bug fix - in main fixtures tab, recent matches filter did not work.
  • Bug fix - in main fixtures tab, late matches filter did not work.

Updates March 28th 2021

  • Remove Export option since it does not work.
  • Make it clearer in event settings that the auto grading setting for an event determines where it is sent for grading, and take the rate of play for grading from here as well.
  • In the Home Players or Away Players option, the rating shown is now the one used in the event, and if its an online event it also shows the online id for the appropriate platform.
  • New visibility setting of L which a more lenient form of M that does not prevent late entry of pairings, but only raises a violation.
  • Bug fix - support blitz ratings for online.
  • Bug fix - when adding users to an organisation, existing owners are not included in the list so that they can't be added and create an error message.
  • Bug fix - stop error message in Admin/Display when there is no existing text.
  • Bug fix - games and points column headings in team player stats were the wrong way round.
  • Bug fix - change the submission to the over the board rating system to use a method permitted on the new ECF server.

Updates January 2nd 2021

  • Upgrade to use phpspreadsheet instead of phpexcel which is defunct and spews out warning messages on php 7.4. Impacts output of grading excel files, match cards and fixtures lists as excel and loading of player lists.
  • Bug fix - load of july ratings failing due to incorrectly calculating the month for getting july grades after the change of year.
  • Bug fix - automated online ratings extract was mistakenly taking the date of last running from the OTB extract.
  • Bug fix - player list not removed when removing club from organisation.
  • Bug fix - was going to the wrong place after removing club from organisation.
  • Bug fix - player list delete giving error message.

Updates December 30th 2020

  • Bug fix - player list help not showing properly
  • Code setup to update from drupal.org git

Updates December 21st 2020

  • Increase size of text field in Admin / Display option.
  • Bug fix - mislabelled drop down in Admin / Display option.
  • Various upgrades to the help files
  • Upgrade to latest version of drupal 7

Updates December 9th 2020

  • Move the Admin / Display setting to its own tab.
  • Change the Contact organisation over link to link to a page where they can choose to contact one of the owners, rather than just the main one.
  • Online ratings load picks up XG ids.
  • Event player stats includes a performance rating.
  • Bug fix - verify match result not allowed until the match has started and has had a result reported.
  • Bug fix - stop error message from league/club/oplist url with invalid organisation.
  • Bug fix - remove old grading files so they don't get included again.
  • Bug fix - stop warning message when doing the grading extrat.
  • Bug fix - restrict access to match card PDF or Excel until after pairings are visible.

Previous updates now archived to update history