Newcastle 'E' v Newcastle 'D'

Division 4 Wed 21st Nov 2018
BoardHomeNewcastle 'E'Newcastle 'D'Away
1 (B) 133A (142A)
Willow, Hambel M
½ - ½
Day, John R
130A (134C)
2 (W) 120L (152B)
Odingo, Myron
1 - 0
Hirst, Joe
127A (162A)
3 (B) 111B (105B)
Shaw, Peter
1 - 0
Tombs, Jeffrey G
103C (108C)
4 (W) 090* (77E)
Lowe, Andrew David
0 - 1
Wagstaff, Brian
095C (000 )
Total4542½ - 1½Total455

Last update Steve Emmerton Thu 22nd Nov 2018 13:44. Reported by Steve Emmerton . Verified By Paul Clapham


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The E team ended up winning the first Newcastle derby of the season, after beating narrowly the D team which came from three consecutive wins in its first three matches of the season.
The situation didn't look bright for the E team before the match, as its captain, David Ashby, called sick and two potential substitutes didn't reply until when the match was almost starting. Luckily newcomer Andy Lowe, who had turned up last week for the first time, decided to show up and was recruited in order to give Brian a game.
John, who has probably been following the World Championship match like everyone else, was jealous of the record of 9 draws and decided to get one as well, finishing his game first. Andy put up a good fight, but Brian used his experience (and a couple of nice forks) to get a full point for his team. In the meantime, Pete managed to convert his pawn advantage to get the match back on track and with the game on board 2 looking drawish, everyone was expecting a 2-2 result. Unfortunately for him and for his team, though, Joe was down on time and didn't spot the right move, slipping in a lost endgame.
Well done to all the players and we hope this result won't jeopardise the D team chances to win the division!

Well done to the E team.