Who is using the LMS ?

The report below shows the activity in the LMS broken down by organisation:


OrganisationNumber of FixturesLast Update
Birmingham & District Chess League18472020-08-21
Sheffield & District Chess Association7982021-09-20
Kent League7672020-03-14
North Staffs & District Chess Association7622021-09-28
National Schools5682021-07-20
Thanet & East Kent Chess League5682021-09-25
Derby & District League5362020-08-30
West Midlands Area League5222021-05-13
Leeds Chess Association5102021-09-19
Somerset League4842020-05-07
Hull and District Chess Association4582021-09-23
North Gloucestershire Chess Association4142020-04-23
Bradford and District Chess Association4022020-03-11
Five Counties Online League3262021-05-25
Wanstead & Woodford Chess Club2682021-09-22
Middlesex League2522020-06-22
Mid-Sussex League2432021-09-22
Cornwall Online2392021-09-27
Nottinghamshire Chess Association2222020-03-17
East Lancashire Chess Association2042020-03-16
Blackpool and Fylde League1982021-03-18
Birmingham & District Junior Chess League1962020-03-19
York and District League1892020-04-05
County Championships Online1832021-09-20
Torbay Chess League1782020-03-17
Suffolk County Chess Association1762021-09-24
North East Online League1762021-06-08
Yorkshire Junior Chess Association1712021-09-20
Doncaster & District Chess Association1622020-03-11
Thames Valley Chess League1582021-07-17
Essex Chess Association1582021-09-27
Cleveland Chess Association1482021-09-27
Bury Area Chess League1242020-03-22
Oxfordshire Chess Association1202021-03-11
Plymouth Chess Club1122020-06-23
Hillingdon & District League1082021-07-01
Central Lancashire League1062020-03-29
North Staffs & District Chess Association Online League1052021-07-12
County Championship1002021-09-25
Devon County Chess Association1002020-03-01
Briant Poulter (Surrey Schools) League972020-04-02
Bury and Rochdale League922020-03-10
Huddersfield & District Chess Association862021-09-23
National Online Club Championships852020-06-28
Wilsons School Chess Club822021-07-27
Lancaster, Morecambe and district League782020-03-13
Watford Chess Club (Juniors)702021-09-20
Uxbridge Chess Club672021-09-27
Trowbridge Chess Club642020-07-27
Isle Of Man Chess Club612021-05-20
Scunthorpe and District Association602020-03-10
Ealing Chess Club602021-07-05
EACU Online532021-01-22
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Mini Congress492020-02-16
Bognor & Arun Chess Club482021-09-18
Hastings and St Leonards Chess Club472020-05-08
The Chess Centre462021-09-27
Crewe Chess Club452021-09-27
Horsham Chess Club422020-07-06
Lincolnshire Chess Association372021-09-23
Staffordshire County Cups352020-03-13
Crowborough Chess Club342021-09-20
Iceni Live League342021-09-18
Chess Association for Manchester Players and Supporters (ChAMPS)332021-08-05
Wallington Chess Club302020-06-29
Hammersmith Chess Club302021-05-31
Eccles Chess Club272021-01-15
Southern Counties Chess Union262021-01-23
Harrogate Evening League252020-11-05
Bishop Auckland Chess Club252021-04-05
Bolton & District Chess League242020-03-04
Exeter & District Chess League232020-08-26
Seaton Chess Club232020-02-28
Hertford Chess Club202021-08-26
Bristol & District Chess League172021-09-27
Leamington & District League172021-09-24
St Andrews Hull Chess Club172020-03-16
Beverley Chess Club152021-09-22
Exeter Chess Club152020-06-23
Buckinghamshire County Chess Association152020-07-31
Preston Chess Club132020-03-02
Cheddleton Chess Club122021-09-25
Rose Forgrove Chess Club122019-07-18
Scarborough Chess Club112019-05-15
Kidsgrove Chess Club102020-03-25
Ashby Ivanhoe Chess Club102020-12-11
Hatch End Chess Club92019-08-29
Manningtree Chess Club92021-09-25
Hull Chess Club82020-03-22
Golden Falcons (London) Chess Club72021-02-15
Heaton Cup62021-06-14
Sussex County Chess Association62021-05-08
Calderdale League62021-09-27
Guildford Chess Club62019-06-12
East Grinstead Chess Club62020-04-15
MCCU County Championship Online52020-11-14
Wetherby Chess Club52019-12-30
Maidstone Chess Club52020-02-28
Lincoln Chess Club42019-10-28
Bingley Chess Club42020-02-06
Hendon Chess Club42019-05-16
Ivan Gromov Online Schools Chess League42021-09-23
Morecambe Chess Club42021-09-22
Cannock & District Chess League32021-09-23
Poulton Chess Club32018-07-11
Skegness Chess Club32020-09-08
Macclesfield Chess Club22020-03-22
Chichester Chess Club22021-09-25
Fenton Chess Club22021-09-17
Brentwood Chess Club12021-09-18
Skegness Chess Club12021-09-27
Worcestershire Chess League12021-09-17