Derby & District League - New Players

Pick which of the below players in the ECF list is: Graham Smith

NameGradeSexECF CodeClub
Smith, Graham1960M119233Milton Keynes
Smith, Geoff M1300M119235East Cheshire
Smith, Geoff M1660M144837Leeds CCCC
Smith, Gary P1855M180286Battersea
Smith, Geoff955M182716Gambit
Smith, Guy1173M220067Peterlee
Smith, George1225M270628Godalming
Smith, Greg2035M278121Chess Mates Northampton
Smith, George1743M295708Chepstow School
Smith, Gill1083F295842Braille CA
Smith, Gabe M306826Sir William Borlase School
Smith, George M326738Somerset Juniors