Paul Humphreys

Games (Standard Rate)

John JeremiahW108Wells v WellingtonDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Jack MurphyW110Weston v WellsDivision 2 WestSomerset League
James E FewkesL143Wells v YeovilDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Edward P SmallL155Wells v Sedgemoor BDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Caspian FowlerW135Wells v MillfieldDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Szilard SzarkaW159Wells v WestonDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Gerry N JeppsL151Frome v Norton RadstockDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Tim F WoodwardL145Trowbridge v Norton RadstockDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Christian K BrownW149Norton Radstock v BathDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Gerry N JeppsD151Norton Radstock v FromeDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Christopher LammingW139Norton Radstock v TrowbridgeDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Alan A StonebridgeD111Wells v Wellington Division 3 WestSomerset League
Jerry KilbyL139Taunton Knights v WellsDivision 3 WestSomerset League
Oliver T IsaacW135Wells v Weston KnightsDivision 3 WestSomerset League
Arnold AcibarW133Wells v Taunton BishopsDivision 3 WestSomerset League
Peter D DimondD138Norton Radstock v BathDivision 3 EastSomerset League
Kevin PaineW119Frome v WellsDivision 1Somerset League
Neville N SeniorL144Wells v Sedgemoor ADivision 1Somerset League
Current Grade = 137, Estimated performance on these games = 145.2. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!