Matthew W Goatcher

Games (Standard Rate)

Robert D HarrisW100Wells v WellingtonDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Mark R BakerD139Wells v YeovilDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Chris TJ McKinleyD152Wells v Sedgemoor BDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Ernie FieldsL120Wells v MillfieldDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Golf SookphanichL134Wells v WestonDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Mark R BakerW139Yeovil v WellsDivision 2 WestSomerset League
Martin I WillisD118Wells v GlastonburyDivision 3 WestSomerset League
Kevin PaineD119Frome v WellsDivision 3 EastSomerset League
David L WestonL124Trowbridge v WellsDivision 3 EastSomerset League
Bill GrantL95Wells v FromeDivision 3 EastSomerset League
John A FisherW115Frome v WellsDivision 1Somerset League
Fernando FelicioL161Yeovil v WellsDivision 1Somerset League
Adrian ByrneW114Wells v Sedgemoor ADivision 1Somerset League
Tim A WallisD135Glastonbury v WellsSomerset CupSomerset League
Current Grade = 130, Estimated performance on these games = 122.5. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!