Nigel D Marshall

Games (Standard Rate)

D Philip MorganL145Belper 4 v Clay Cross 2D&DCL Div 3Derby & District League
R Arthur HallW95Belper 4 v Lichfield 3D&DCL Div 3Derby & District League
Philip SheldonW128Spondon 1 v Belper 4D&DCL Div 3Derby & District League
Dean M HartleyL156Belper 4 v Amber Valley 1D&DCL Div 3Derby & District League
Martin CobhamD141Belper 2 v Belper 3D&DCL Div 2Derby & District League
D Philip MorganL145Belper 3 v Clay Cross 1D&DCL Div 2Derby & District League
Matthew BubisD143Round 1 Derbyshire IndividualDerby & District League
Graham J PaceD107Round 2 Derbyshire IndividualDerby & District League
Fred BilesL93Round 3 Derbyshire IndividualDerby & District League
Maurice J HillW131Round 4 Derbyshire IndividualDerby & District League
Stephen G WoottonL125Round 5 Derbyshire IndividualDerby & District League
Jonathan TownsendW99Round 1Belper Champs 2019-20Derby & District League
Andrew TownsendL137Round 2Belper Champs 2019-20Derby & District League
Allan DoyleW94Round 3Belper Champs 2019-20Derby & District League
Alan F DownhamL163Round 4Belper Champs 2019-20Derby & District League
Norman W ParkinW104Round 5Belper Champs 2019-20Derby & District League
Martin CobhamD141Round 6Belper Champs 2019-20Derby & District League
Current Grade = 114, Estimated performance on these games = 122.7. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!