Richard W Quin

Games (Standard Rate)

Simon PattersonD131Purbeck v PooleB&DCL Team Handicap Knockout CupDorset
Mike RutterL131Purbeck v Poole DB&DCL Div 4Dorset
Rachel RichardsonW83Purbeck v Highcliffe DB&DCL Div 4Dorset
Phil WallaceW113Purbeck v Wimborne EB&DCL Div 4Dorset
Chris D LaneL118Southbourne D v Purbeck B&DCL Div 4Dorset
Phil WallaceL113Wimborne E v Purbeck B&DCL Div 4Dorset
Steve BlakeL138Purbeck A v Weymouth BDCL Div 2Dorset
Rachel RichardsonW83Purbeck B v Highcliffe CDCL Div 3Dorset
Sidney A JonesD114Dorchester D v Purbeck BDCL Div 3Dorset
Simon YoungW110Purbeck B v Wimborne CDCL Div 3Dorset
Simon PattersonL131Poole B v Purbeck BDCL Div 3Dorset
Mike MinvallaD94Purbeck B v Poole BDCL Div 3Dorset
Current Grade = 113, Estimated performance on these games = 109.1. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!