Roger N Winterburn

Games (Standard Rate)

Shane S FrithD141Sheffield C v DewsburyIM BrownYorkshire
R Malcolm HaraD126Dewsbury v Hull DCA BIM BrownYorkshire
Dave V ToulsonL114Wakefield A v DewsburyIM BrownYorkshire
Stephen BurtonL111Dewsbury v West LeedsIM BrownYorkshire
Samuel J PlayfordD122Dewsbury v Rose Forgrove BIM BrownYorkshire
Howard BrearsL122Dewsbury v York RI DIM BrownYorkshire
John M MorganL168Calderdale A v DewsburyIM BrownYorkshire
Current Grade = 114, Estimated performance on these games = 98.6. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!