E Gordon Marks

Games (Standard Rate)

Samuel J PlayfordD120Rose Forgrove B v Harrogate BIM BrownYorkshire
Andy J BagleyL158Harrogate B v Rose Forgrove AIM BrownYorkshire
Peter CattL145Harrogate B v DoncasterIM BrownYorkshire
Jonathan MoretonW105Harrogate B v Wakefield AIM BrownYorkshire
MA PollardL132Harrogate B v Hull DCA BIM BrownYorkshire
Brian D CornerW103Woodshifters v Wetherby BHarrogate Evening League 2019-20Harrogate Evening League
Paul SalisburyL133Wetherby A v WoodshiftersHarrogate Evening League 2019-20Harrogate Evening League
Current Grade = 120, Estimated performance on these games = 113.7. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!