Denisz Demjan

Games (Standard Rate)

Martin E NewmanL1630Watford Juniors v Beckenham & BromleyMinorNational Online Club Championships
W E (Bill) UptonL1503Watford Juniors v DHSS 2MinorNational Online Club Championships
Advay BhatD1383Watford Juniors v Uxbridge BombersMinorNational Online Club Championships
Steve ZsibritaW1465Watford Juniors Boards 1 & 3 v Hertford boards 1 & 3Average under 1600EACU Online
Adam RedstoneD1555Linton Lorikeets v Watford JuniorsAverage under 1600EACU Online
Aaron TuveriLWatford Juniors v Hertford Average under 1600EACU Online
Dhairya KatariaD869Round 1Summer clubnight classical gamesWatford Chess Club (Juniors)
Joel McKechnieW1300Round 6Summer clubnight classical gamesWatford Chess Club (Juniors)
Seb GeorgeL1365Round 8Summer clubnight classical gamesWatford Chess Club (Juniors)
Current Grade = 75, Estimated performance on these games = 95. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!