Phil Stevens

Player ID25269
First NamePhil
Last NameStevens
User ID0
Club (used in grading individual event)Isle of Wight
Player listsIsle of Wight
Local Rating
Local Rapid Rating
FIDE Code0
FIDE Federation
ECF Grading Code298810A
Membership Number (entered manually)
Membership Number (from grading list)
ECF Standard OTB January1435D
ECF Rapid OTB January1338F
ECF Standard OTB September1428E
ECF Rapid OTB September1338E
ECF Standard OTB August1446K
ECF Rapid OTB August1338K
ECF Rapid Online1607H
ECF Blitz Online1615H
ECF Standard Online1615H
ECF Standard OTB Latest1446K
ECF Rapid OTB Latest1338K