Geoff T Berryman

Games (Standard Rate)

Andy WangW124Bath v FromeDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Martin ArchboldW110Frome v BathDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Sasha KamotskiyW88Trowbridge v FromeDivision 2 EastSomerset League
Justin MayDFrome v WellsDivision 3 EastSomerset League
David SherborneL84Frome v Norton RadstockDivision 3 EastSomerset League
Sally HuntWTrowbridge v FromeDivision 3 EastSomerset League
Roy WhaleyW78Frome v BathDivision 3 EastSomerset League
Wieslaw StanickiW80Frome v TrowbridgeDivision 3 EastSomerset League
Bernadette RossD37Trowbridge v FromeSomerset CupSomerset League
Nigel MillsD123Frome v YeovilSomerset CupSomerset League
Chris S PurryD159Round 1Frome Club ITSomerset League
Kirin RanpuraW87Round 2Frome Club ITSomerset League
William VeitchD78Round 3Frome Club ITSomerset League
Gerald UdellD104Round 4Frome Club ITSomerset League
Gabriel KeechD111Round 5Frome Club ITSomerset League
Current Grade = 106, Estimated performance on these games = 114.1. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!