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Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeEventStatus
Stroud Otters3 - 2Cirencester AThu 26th Sep 201919:30Division 2OU
Gloucester A3½ - 1½Stroud HedgehogsTue 1st Oct 201919:30Division 1OU
Stroud Badgers3½ - 1½Wotton Hall AThu 3rd Oct 201919:30Division 1OU
Stroud Cubs3 - 2EDF EnergyThu 3rd Oct 201919:30Division 3OU
Gloucester B3½ - 1½Stroud OttersTue 8th Oct 201919:30Division 2OU
Gloucester C3 - 2Stroud CubsTue 15th Oct 201919:30Division 3OU
Stroud3 - 3GloucesterThu 17th Oct 201919:30Super LeagueOU
Wotton Hall B2½ - 2½Stroud OttersWed 23rd Oct 201919:30Division 2OU
Knights4 - 1Stroud HedgehogsTue 29th Oct 201919:30Division 1OU
Stroud Badgers4 - 1RooksThu 31st Oct 201919:30Division 1OU
Stroud Otters3 - 2PawnbrokersThu 7th Nov 201919:30Division 2OU
Stroud Badgers3 - 2Gloucester AThu 14th Nov 201919:30Division 1OU
Rooks3½ - 1½Stroud HedgehogsThu 14th Nov 201919:30Division 1OU
Stroud Cubs2½ - 2½Wotton Hall CThu 14th Nov 201919:30Division 3OU
Forest of Dean ½ - 4½Stroud OttersMon 18th Nov 201919:15Division 2OU
Cirencester B1 - 4Stroud CubsTue 26th Nov 201919:15Division 3OU
Stroud Hedgehogs ½ - 4½Stroud BadgersThu 28th Nov 201919:30Division 1OU
Cirencester A0 - 5Stroud OttersTue 3rd Dec 201919:15Division 2OU
EDF Energy3 - 2Stroud CubsMon 9th Dec 201919:30Division 3OU
Wotton Hall A3 - 2Stroud BadgersWed 11th Dec 201919:30Division 1OU
Stroud Hedgehogs2 - 3Gloucester AThu 12th Dec 201919:30Division 1OU
Stroud Otters3 - 2Gloucester BThu 9th Jan 202019:30Division 2OU
Stroud Cubs3 - 2Gloucester CThu 16th Jan 202019:30Division 3OU
Cheltenham3 - 3StroudThu 16th Jan 202019:30Super LeagueOU
Stroud Otters4 - 1Wotton Hall BThu 23rd Jan 202019:30Division 2OU
Stroud Hedgehogs2½ - 2½KnightsThu 30th Jan 202019:30Division 1OU
Rooks3½ - 1½Stroud BadgersThu 30th Jan 202019:30Division 1OU
Stroud Cubs3 - 2Cirencester CThu 30th Jan 202019:30Division 3OU
Pawnbrokers1 - 4Stroud OttersTue 4th Feb 202019:30Division 2OU
Gloucester A2½ - 2½Stroud BadgersTue 11th Feb 202019:30Division 1OU
Wotton Hall C1 - 4Stroud CubsWed 12th Feb 202019:30Division 3OU
Stroud Hedgehogs2 - 3RooksThu 13th Feb 202019:30Division 1OU
Cirencester C3 - 2Stroud CubsTue 18th Feb 202019:15Division 3OU
Stroud Otters3½ - ½Forest of DeanThu 20th Feb 202019:30Division 2OU
Stroud2½ - 3½GloucesterThu 20th Feb 202019:30Peter Harrison Knockout CupOU
Wotton Hall A5 - 0Stroud HedgehogsWed 26th Feb 202019:30Division 1OU
Stroud Badgers3 - 2KnightsThu 27th Feb 202019:30Division 1OU
Stroud Cubs2½ - 2½Cirencester BThu 27th Feb 202019:30Division 3OU
Stroud4½ - 1½KnightsThu 5th Mar 202019:30Peter Harrison Knockout CupOU
Stroud Cubs3½ - 1½EDF EnergyThu 12th Mar 202019:30Division 3OU
Stroud2½ - 3½Wotton HallThu 12th Mar 202019:30Super LeagueOU
Gloucester B0 - 0Stroud OttersTue 17th Mar 202019:30Division 2OU
Gloucester C0 - 0Stroud CubsTue 24th Mar 202019:30Division 3OU
Stroud Badgers0 - 0Stroud HedgehogsThu 26th Mar 202019:30Division 1OU
Wotton Hall B0 - 0Stroud OttersWed 1st Apr 202019:30Division 2OU
Knights0 - 0Stroud BadgersTue 7th Apr 202019:30Division 1OU
Cirencester C0 - 0Stroud CubsTue 7th Apr 202019:15Division 3OU
Stroud Hedgehogs0 - 0Wotton Hall AThu 16th Apr 202019:30Division 1OU
Stroud Otters0 - 0Cirencester AThu 16th Apr 202019:30Division 2OU
Stroud Otters0 - 0PawnbrokersThu 23rd Apr 202019:30Division 2OU
Gloucester0 - 0StroudWed 29th Apr 202019:30Super League (rapidplay)OU
Stroud0 - 0CheltenhamWed 29th Apr 202019:30Super League (rapidplay)OU
Wotton Hall0 - 0StroudWed 29th Apr 202019:30Super League (rapidplay)OU
Stroud Cubs0 - 0Wotton Hall CThu 30th Apr 202019:30Division 3OU
Forest of Dean0 - 0Stroud OttersMon 4th May 202019:15Division 2OU
Cirencester B0 - 0Stroud CubsTue 12th May 202019:15Division 3OU