Match Cards

Match cards are reached:
  • From the Enter Match Results link below fixtures on the left hand side, and selecting the home team.
  • From the fixtures links, and selecting the result column.
Six tabs should be shown:
  • Enter Match Result
  • View
  • Home Players
  • Away Players
  • Verify
  • Violations

Enter Match Result

If when you click on Enter Match Result it says you don't have access first check that you are logged on. It should say logged in as xxxx on the left hand side. If you don't have a login id or you are logged in but don't have access to the match, contact the organisation owner.

To enter a match result, select the players from the drop downs and the results. Selecting the colour of the first board will make the others flip alternatley.

What if a player is not in the list

Select the name as "New Player". Put some information into the press comment about the new player that will enable the organisation owner to find them in the grading list. For example if the player is John Smith, we need to know which John Smith, so the grading points go to the correct person. Have they had a grading before, have they just moved to the area? Which club did they play for before. For new junior players it is desirable to have date of birth, but better to email or use the contact form for this sensitive information rather than putting it in the matchcard comment.

If the missing player is from your own club you may have access to update the player to lists, This is done by selecting the Home Players or Away Players tab as appropriate.

What about adjourned games ?

Select the result as Adjourned, and put something onto the press comment explaining when it will be resumed.

What if I made a mistake entering the result ?

If you notice the error within the next few days, you can just go straight back into the match card and fix it. If several weeks has elapsed, then it is possible that the match card has been "locked" to prevent you from changing it. In this case email the organisation owner.

Match Card View

The letter following the grade is either the ECF grading category (A-F) or L which indicates a local grade that has been assigned by the league organiser. The coloured letter before the name shows the players ECF membership status (B=Bronze, S=Silver, G=Gold).

There is an option set at organisation level that will show the current grade of the player in brackets. This may be useful if the league is using August grades in January

It is possible to have small player photographs in the match card. This needs the player to have a user id, have uploaded a photograph and a link created to the user on the player page.


Clicking on the verify tab causes the match to show as having been verified by you.


This tab lists problems with the match, which could be one of the following:
  • Adjudication
  • Adjournment
  • Grading Limit Exceeded - Home Team
  • Grading Limit Exceeded - Away Team
  • Unnamed Player above named
  • Unnamed Win by default
These are listed on a report on the home page. The organisation owner can tick a box to supress them from this report when they have been dealt with.


This option only available to event owners allows penalties to be assigned and boards to be added or removed.

Home Players

This option shows the Home player list. Options to add or delete players may be available depending on the access permissions set for the oganisation.

Away Players

This option shows the Away player list. Options to add or delete players may be available depending on the access permissions set for the oganisation.


This option allows the teams, date and time of the fixture to be changed by event owners.