Grading Files

Events have to be graded by an ECF grader. Their job is to ensure results are stored against the correct players - trying to prevent instances where a player appears twice in the grading list for example. It used to be the case that graders had to create the grading file (see below) but now they can get the LMS to create it for them automatically.

Auto Grading

At event level set the auto grading flag appropriately. Ensure that someone is selected as grader as they will receive the emails if there is any problem with the grading submission

Maunual Grading

Graders are assigned a 2 character code which they use to prefix an event code which they make up. This event code is specified as an input when creating the grading file from the LMS. After creating the file it should be checked using the ECF Checker program before emailing to the ECF grading administrator.

There are two places where ECF grading files can be created:

  • From Admin/ECF Grade File
  • Select an event, then tab ECF Grade File
The first option allows you to create a file containing all standard graded events in one file. The second option does one event only.

There are two different types of grading file:

  • Excel format grading file. This has the advantage that it is readable so you can modify easily in Excel. The disadvantage is that you must open it in Excel and then save it. Otherwise if fails the ECF checker program.
  • The .TXT format grading file. This can be fed straight into the checker program.
The View Grading Data button just shows the data what would be placed in the file if the Generate Grading File is pressed.

Grader - The user whos details should be put on the ECF grading spreadsheet as being the grader for this event. This defaults to the person currently logged in.

Submission number - This should be 1, for the first file you submit for an event (eg a mid season January grades file) and increase for subsequent files. Files with higher submission numbers overwrite all results for previous files. This means that you don't need to worry if some results have already been submitted earlier on. Also it allows errors to be corrected.

Treasurer - this is the email address of the person who will be contacted for game fee for people who are not ECF members.