ECF Rating System

Clubs not listed

Note: if its a new club that doesn't appear in the list, then contact the rating team ( Matthew Carr ) to ask for a new club to be added. After being added in the rating system it should appear in the LMS the day after as there is an overnight refresh.

Load player list from grading file

Once you have created an empty list, the Load File option can be used to load a player list from an ECF grading file in excel format. Such a list would be created by creating a Grading File for an event in Excel format. The player list would contain those players who played in the event only. Note that it will also load the PINS which will appear when selecting pairings. This feature was used to grade a congress which had been done with manual pariing cards. The PIN appears in the dropdown when selecting pairings.

Event Settings

ECF members only in event setttings.

Grading event code.


Auto Grading - means the LMS sends it for grading automatically - but check report/autograding.