Ringwood A v Wimborne A

B&DCL Div 1 Mon 6th Jan 2020
BoardHomeRingwood AWimborne AAway
1 (B) 188A
Anderson, Peter W
1 - 0
Pleasants, Allan J
2 (W) 180E
Harman, Kenneth B
0 - 1
Clark, Ian C
3 (B) 163A
Clancy, Martin J
1 - 0
Barker, Edward
4 (W) 165C
Willetts, Graham J
½ - ½
Littleton, Mark
Total6962½ - 1½Total720

Last update Niall Woodger Mon 6th Jan 2020 22:37. Reported by Niall Woodger Mon 6th Jan 2020 22:37. Verified By Ian Clark Tue 7th Jan 2020 08:33


After a drubbing only the other week, we were hoping to do a little better this time around and, with our strongest team out, did even a bit better than that modest expectation, coming away with an unexpected but fine win!

Initially, things didn't look good for the home side. Kenny played with his customary speediness, but Ian took it all in his stride. From a position of strength he uncorked Rxa2+ with mate to follow - a nice way to finish the game and unusual of Kenny to miss such a tactic. 1-0 to Wimborne.

On board 3, a Pirc was under way. Eddie pushed forwards with his h pawn and had a solid centre, but Martin found an exchange sac that turned things his way. Eddie didn't respond in the best manner and then blundered soon after, resigning the game. 1-1.

On board 4, a draw always looked the likely result and that is indeed what transpired.

That left a fascinating game on board 1 between Peter and Allan. In an English opening, both players seemed happy to push pawns in front of their king. Initially there was little exchange of material, but Peter found a convincing pawn push in the centre that swung the position his way. Although it gave up a pawn, this was temporary and Allan was saddled with doubled pawns that ultimately proved his undoing. Peter was able to transpose into a winning Rook and pawn endgame with 4v2 on one wing and his active rook was in contrast to Allan's on c2, tied to the defence of split pawns on a2 and c3. It felt like a position Karpov would have been chuffed with, and Peter duly brought home the point.

All in all, a hard fought match, and a pleasing result for the home side.