Leyland 1 v Lytham 4

Division C Tue 26th Nov 2019
BoardHomeLeyland 1Lytham 4Away
1 (B) 130C
Hart, Robert
½ - ½
Taylor, Graham
2 (W) 100*
Bishop, Nicholas
0 - 1
Pickering, Darren
3 (B) 087A
Lawson, Ken
1 - 0
Sansom, Keith
4 (W) 038D
Craven, Martin
0 - 1
Cox, John
Total3551½ - 2½Total383

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New player is Nick Bishop

It wasn't looking too good for Leyland very early into the match.

On the bottom board, John was positioning his Bishops and Queen against Martin's castled King side King. A Bishop sacrifice to expose the King soon lead to a checkmate.

On the top board, Rob had completely overlooked a combination that resulted in Graham wining a piece. So things were not looking too hopeful for Leyland at this early stage.

It appeared all equal on board 2 between Nick and Darren, but it was a bit more hopeful for Leyland on board 3 as Ken had castled long and was launching a Pawn storm against Keith's King, which had castled short. When Keith managed to swap off several pieces, it looked far more even, although Ken's pawns were more advanced and he had an additional Pawn.

Rob was still fighting to try and recover some pride from his mistake. When it was down to just Pawns with Graham still retaining the Knight advantage, Rob carried on in the hope his three passed Pawns on the King side would prove a powerful counter-force to Graham's Knight. When Rob offered the draw, Graham accepted, and Rob was mightily revealed to have drawn a game he had been expecting to loose.

With an even position on board 2 and a possible advantage on board 3, it was still possible for Leyland to make the match a draw. Unfortunately, for Leyland, Nick was getting into time trouble and he left a piece on prix, so the game was lost, along with the match.

Ken's advantage looked good, but he stared to loose the odd pawn. When another Pawn went down, it looked like the tide was turning for Ken, but fortunately, the Knight that had taken this central Pawn was directly in line with Keith's King, so a pin with the Rook followed, which although defendable was going to be attacked again, this was enough for Keith to resign, and Leyland got one win in the evening.

Well done to Lytham 4 on their victory.

David Clayton