Newcastle 'C' v Kidsgrove

Division 3 Wed 4th Oct 2017
BoardHomeNewcastle 'C'KidsgroveAway
1 (B) 136A (147A)
Willow, Hambel M
0 - 1
Wiltshir, Rich
144A ()
2 (W) 129A (131C)
Day, John R
1 - 0
Northage, Derek H
113D (105D)
3 (B) 117A (124A)
Gissi, Alberto
1 - 0
Johnson, David S
115C (123C)
4 (W) 105* (106E)
Fuller, Watson
½ - ½
Hawthorne, Julian N
116A (130A)
Total4872½ - 1½Total488

Last update Steve Emmerton Thu 5th Oct 2017 10:42. Reported by Alberto Gissi . Verified By Julian Hawthorne


agissi's picture

In the first match of division 3 Newcastle C managed to win despite the absence of his captain, who was stopped by the flu. John put the team ahead winning on board 2, but Rich managed to equalize winning on board 1.
When Watson and Julian agreed a draw, all eyes converged on board 3, where, despite being in time trouble, I stubbornly refused a draw offer based on the fact that I was a pawn up and I desperately wanted a win to conclude my first week of the season. Therefore I went on playing (too) quickly and relying mostly on intuitions rather than on real calculations and I ended up with king, knight and the h pawn against king and knight. I was almost going to blunder my surviving pawn when David, who was also in time trouble by then, decided to concede the game in a position which was much trickier than it looked at first sight.