Cheddleton 'E' v Newcastle 'C'

Division 3 Fri 10th Nov 2017
BoardHomeCheddleton 'E'Newcastle 'C'Away
1 (B) 138C (136C)
Birks, Philip N
0 - 1
Paling, Alan M
149B (162B)
2 (W) 141A (139A)
Blackburn, Jon EW
½ - ½
Day, John R
129A (131C)
3 (B) 118A (107A)
Blackburn, Sandra G
0 - 1
Gissi, Alberto
117A (124A)
4 (W) 107B (106C)
Hallen, David A
0 - 1
Wright, Nicholas PA
113A (100A)
Total504 ½ - 3½Total508

Last update Steve Emmerton Sun 12th Nov 2017 03:07. Reported by Alberto Gissi . Verified By David Hallen


agissi's picture

While Cheddleton big boys were busy entertaining Holmes Chapel in the Open Cup, Newcastle C took the chance to walk away with a win, although the match was way more balanced than shown by the result.
The first result came from John Day, who (unsurprisingly) got what seems to be his favourite result. To be fair, though, there was a surprise, as John's first draw offer was turned down, mainly due to the uncertainty of the situation on the other boards. After several moves the game balance didn't change, so this time it was Jon Blackburn's turn to offer a draw, which was promptly accepted by a delighted John.
The other games went on and Nic found himself in trouble, as he conceded to David an extra rook and pawn for a knight. Board 3 looked more balanced, although with a significant time advantage for Sandra, partly compensated by a bigger manoeuvring space for me. Board 1, instead was level on material until Alan managed to win a pawn.
In the meanwhile, while Sandra was concentrated opening up my centre, I managed to infiltrate my queen in the kingside and with the help of a bishop, one of the rooks and the h pawn, I managed to set up a strong attack, hoping that it was enough. Sandra, exploiting the fact that I was in serious time trouble (at a certain point I got down to 7 seconds on the clock!), managed to defend for many moves and also tried to put in danger my king with her two rooks, but the position allowed me to play fairly quickly, and after getting rid of her pawns I used mines (plus my rooks) to finally get a clearly and easily winning position. A few minutes before Philip had resigned as well, so all eyes concentrated on board 4, where Nic, relieved of the pressure of the match result, managed to win thanks to a brilliant use of his knight, together with the queen and a rook.