Kidsgrove v Stafford

Division 4 Tue 10th Dec 2019
BoardHomeKidsgrove StaffordAway
1 (B) 121B (121B)
Johnson, David S
0 - 1
Whatmore, Steve
142D (142D)
2 (W) 105C (105C)
Northage, Derek H
½ - ½
McNulty, Kenneth J
141A (141A)
3 (B) 097D (97D)
Crosby, Andrew
1 - 0
Cox, Geoffrey FM
080* (74D)
4 (W) 091C (91C)
Cook, Julian P
1 - 0(def)
080 ()
Total4142½ - 1½Total443

Last update Nic Wright Mon 16th Dec 2019 19:53. Reported by Ken McNulty Tue 10th Dec 2019 23:39. Verified By Julian Cook Sat 14th Dec 2019 19:54


Board 2 is noted as an agreed draw, although the game was effectively abandoned at move 29 after an apparently defective clock meant that the players only had approximately half the time remaining as they should have. Additionally, on reviewing the clock settings, the home player had been receiving 20 seconds more time increment per move than the Stafford player. None of us had the metal capacity to work out how much time each player should have on a replacement clock. I urge Kidsgrove to check the settings and serviceability of their clocks ahead of their next match, in particular the one that was used on this board.

I have asked members never to move the modify button.

I have asked that no modifications are to be made to the clocks