A Division

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Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Middlesbrough Rooks4 - 1Hartlepool AMon 7th Oct 201919:00LU
Thornaby Aces4 - 1Middlesbrough KnightsTue 8th Oct 201919:00LU
Great Ayton A3 - 2Darlington AWed 9th Oct 201919:00LU
The Buffs A2½ - 2½Redcar AThu 10th Oct 201919:00LV
Darlington A1 - 4The Buffs AMon 21st Oct 201919:00LU
Hartlepool A2½ - 2½Middlesbrough KnightsMon 21st Oct 201919:00LU
Middlesbrough Rooks3 - 2Great Ayton AMon 21st Oct 201919:00LU
Redcar A4 - 1Thornaby AcesWed 23rd Oct 201919:00LU
Middlesbrough Knights1 - 4Redcar AMon 4th Nov 201919:00LU
Thornaby Aces3 - 2Darlington ATue 5th Nov 201919:00LU
Great Ayton A3½ - 1½Hartlepool AWed 6th Nov 201919:00LU
The Buffs A1½ - 3½Middlesbrough RooksThu 7th Nov 201919:00LU
Hartlepool A2 - 3Redcar AMon 18th Nov 201919:00LU
Darlington A3½ - 1½Middlesbrough KnightsMon 18th Nov 201919:00LU
Middlesbrough Rooks4½ - ½Thornaby AcesMon 18th Nov 201919:00LU
Great Ayton A4 - 1The Buffs AWed 20th Nov 201919:00LU
Middlesbrough Knights ½ - 4½Middlesbrough RooksMon 2nd Dec 201919:00LU
Thornaby Aces ½ - 4½Great Ayton ATue 3rd Dec 201919:00LU
Redcar A2½ - 2½Darlington AWed 4th Dec 201919:00LU
The Buffs A5 - 0Hartlepool AThu 5th Dec 201919:00LU
Hartlepool A ½ - 4½Darlington AMon 16th Dec 201919:00LU
Middlesbrough Rooks3 - 2Redcar AMon 16th Dec 201919:00LU
Great Ayton A3½ - 1½Middlesbrough KnightsWed 18th Dec 201919:00LU
The Buffs A1 - 4Thornaby AcesThu 19th Dec 201919:00LU
Darlington A0 - 5Middlesbrough RooksMon 13th Jan 202019:00LU
Middlesbrough Knights ½ - 4½The Buffs AMon 13th Jan 202019:00LU
Thornaby Aces2½ - 2½Hartlepool ATue 14th Jan 202019:00LU
Redcar A2½ - 2½Great Ayton AWed 15th Jan 202019:00LU
Darlington A3 - 2Great Ayton AMon 10th Feb 202019:00LU
Hartlepool A0 - 5Middlesbrough RooksMon 10th Feb 202019:00LU
Middlesbrough Knights3½ - 1½Thornaby AcesMon 10th Feb 202019:00LU
Redcar A4 - 1The Buffs AWed 12th Feb 202019:00LU
Middlesbrough Knights3½ - 1½Hartlepool AMon 24th Feb 202019:00LU
Thornaby Aces1½ - 3½Redcar ATue 25th Feb 202019:00LU
Great Ayton A2 - 3Middlesbrough RooksWed 26th Feb 202019:00LU
The Buffs A4 - 1Darlington AThu 27th Feb 202019:00LU
Darlington A4 - 1Thornaby AcesMon 9th Mar 202019:00LU
Hartlepool A1½ - 3½Great Ayton AMon 9th Mar 202019:00LU
Middlesbrough Rooks5 - 0The Buffs AMon 9th Mar 202019:00LU
Redcar A4½ - ½Middlesbrough KnightsWed 11th Mar 202019:00LU