Maidstone 9 v Hastings & St Leonards 6

MID Intro Cup Sat 3rd Nov 2018
BoardHomeMaidstone 9Hastings & St Leonards 6Away
1 (W) 075B (83)
Cox, Robert
1 - 0
Wickramanayake,, Thamadi
057L ( )
2 (B) 068B (66)
Rutter, Rebecca J
1 - 0
Wickramanayake,, Chamithu
045* ( )
3 (W) 059F (46)
Cazac, Sebastian
1 - 0
Lebedev, Alexander
045* (33)
4 (B) 045* ( )
Kamat, Krisha
0 - 1
Cobb, William
045* ()
Average623 - 1Average48

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dheath's picture

Board 4 for Maidstone is a new player. Not totally sure about the spelling of her name.
Estimated grade entered in the list as 40 but for the match it has come up as 45. Don't know why.
David Heath

Please ensure that the correct name is used. All new players will be given an ECF code and this spelling will be taken. If it is changed it will be assumed to be a new player.

Lebedev, Alexander
Sussex Juniors

is graded 10e not 45
Wickramanayake,, Chamithu is graded 33 not 45

All club owners have access rights to 'Add Existing player' someone that has played in the past or 'Add New Player' and assign an estimated L grade to them. Best way to do this is to put the name in the 'Add Existing player' box and if nothing shows up then use 'Add New' Hope this helps. There are also help files on the LMS as well as videos. Happy to help if further instruction are needed. Zia LMS Administrator

Maidstone Board 4 was Kent Junior KRISHA KAMAT. ECF Grading reference 309417A

I have resubmitted the sore card and replaced the misspelt name with correct name