Petts Wood & Orpington 9 v Gravesend 5

MET Intro Cup Fri 8th Feb 2019
BoardHomePetts Wood & Orpington 9Gravesend 5Away
1 (W) 115D
McNaughton, Michael F
½ - ½
Fowers, John E
2 (B) 114E
Wheeler, Philip
1 - 0
Loasby, Paul
3 (W) 087F
Pasari, Rohan
1 - 0
Scott, Anthony
4 (B) 055F
Pasari, Prakash
0 - 1
Pay, Joe
Average932½ - 1½Average77

Last update john fowers Mon 11th Feb 2019 16:59. Reported by john fowers . Verified By Prakash Pasari


Match 3 is Rohan Pasari vs Anthony Scott whose estimated grade was provided as 62 by away team. They have advised that this player is not yet registered and they will be requesting to add him.

We have to decide if ANTHONY SCOTT is a 'New' player or an 'Existing' player before we add him to Gravesend Player List
An 'Existing' player is ANY player who has played chess matches before for ANY team or club, not necessarily Gravesend Club. If yes, the player has an 'Existing' ECF Grading Reference we can continue to use now that player is playing chess again.
For example, ECF Database shows an 'ANTHONY SCOTT' who previously played for Judd School. Is this same player?
Can Gravesend Club please establish if ANTHONY SCOTT has ever played chess for any team or club or school before, possibly going back many years.
Once answer is known, please contact me and we will help you add him to your list of players.

Doug, Anthony is a new adult player to Gravesend. He retired from the police where he played chess some 15 years ago.
He said he was not aware of ever having a grade. He is very rusty, plays far too quickly, and is prone to dropping pieces.
I am not sure what playing level to put him. He knows the moves and can keep a score sheet but with errors.
We would welcome your help in adding him to our list of players.