Beckenham & Bromley 5 v Petts Wood & Orpington 6

MET Tom Fuller Cup Thu 17th Jan 2019
BoardHomeBeckenham & Bromley 5Petts Wood & Orpington 6Away
1 (B) 123B (115A)
Foreman, Anthony
0 - 1
Langley, Tony
134E (98A)
2 (W) 122B (128A)
Dovey, Andrew JW
1 - 0
Rumsey, Stephen
115L ()
3 (B) 098A (94A)
Fraser, Alan R
0 - 1
Jones, Paul
107B (101C)
4 (W) 082D (76D)
Spencer, Mike Peter
0 - 1
Fox, David T
096E (101D)
Average1071 - 2½Average113

Last update Zia Mehmet Sun 20th Jan 2019 20:20. Reported by mike spencer . Verified By paul jones


Petts Wood notified and agreed with Beckenham they would exceed the grading limit for this match.
We understand there should be a penalty in this case, although the match result entry doesn't seem to show it automatically.

Apologies for exceeding the grading limit, Douglas: my problem was that the lower-graded players in my squad are all juniors, and it is sometimes difficult to get them to play midweek matches during term time.

A Half Point penalty is applied to Petts Wood and Orpington Team 6 due to being over-graded by average 3 points each player.
This is strictly in accordance with Kent Rules.
Penalty applied. Zia