Ringwood A v Wimborne C

B&DCL Div 2 Mon 18th Mar 2019
BoardHomeRingwood AWimborne CAway
1 (B) 192A
Anderson, Peter W
1 - 0
White, Graham A
2 (W) 152A
Clancy, Martin J
½ - ½
Nielsen, Jorgen H
3 (B) 152C
Woodger, Niall
½ - ½
Culleton, Steve E
4 (W) 134B
Donaldson, Peter
½ - ½
Wilson, Colin A
Total6302½ - 1½Total588

Last update Niall Woodger Mon 18th Mar 2019 22:14. Reported by Niall Woodger . Verified By Colin Wilson


A crucial match between these two teams, with the result putting the winners into pole position for promotion.

On paper, the advantage looked to be Ringwood's and this proved true in the end, though the draws on boards 2-4 concealed the whole picture.

On board 1, Peter Anderson and Graham White played out a "Modern that turned into a French like structure" that ultimately left Graham's king exposed. With Peter managing to double his rooks on the open f file, the game and the point went his way.

The next to finish was the game between Pete Donaldson and Colin Wilson. It seemed as if white had a slight edge but a draw was a fair result.

On board 3, I opted to play the Sicilian against Steve's e4 and this proved a poor choice. Before 20 moves were up I had a worse, probably losing, position. After a couple of inaccuracies on both sides, this turned into a 4v3 pawn structure on the king side and a knight and white squared bishop each. A long gridn looked to be in prospect, but Steve kindly offered a draw which I gratefully accepted. It should be noted that at this point Martin looked to have a winning position against Jorgen who had a very cramped position, and so the draw offer didn't look like it would affect the result of the match in the end.

Hearing of that result, Martin then offered a draw to Jorgen, who also gratefully accepted, thus balancing out the kind draw offer ratio.

A great result for Ringwood.

A great result indeed for Ringwood who are now strong favourites for promotion to the top division. I certainly can't improve upon Niall's fair and detailed analyses above but I am happy to add that it was an enjoyable evening's chess in the company of hospitable hosts.