Latest Updates

Updates September 25th 2017

Updates September 18th 2017

  • New setting at organisation level - white on odds defaults to home or away team.
  • Event order setting - so you can determine what order they appear in the list on the left hand side.
  • Multi select widget for selecting organisation owners
  • Fixture generation defaults to blank dates, rather than today
  • When first logging in it shows list of your organisations on the left and clubs on the right
  • Fixture load allows a team named Bye, in which case team is left unset. Also better messages for number loaded.
  • ICAL link on fixtures and new action on main fixtures tab to create calendar file for importing into google
  • PGN link on match card to create skeleton PGN file.
  • bug fixes: wrong cat stored for rapidplay match, csv fixture load file not working properly,

Updates September 6th 2017

  • New Players option - update grade if there is one
  • Admin/Player Lists - retain sort on delete or add existing, show 50 at once.

Updates August 16th 2017

  • Added ability to load fixtures from Excel file. This is under new Admin/Fixtures tab - Generate Fixtures option is now under this also
  • The Admin tab now shows the organisation settings by default and hopefully makes it more obvious how to change them.
  • Various bug fixes, including fixing the function that emails out any match updates.

Updates July 13th 2017

  • The next time you login it will ask you to approve the terms and conditions.
  • The match shows "Reported By" as a separate field. This is updated when the match result is updated.
  • There is now an admin tab on the match card where you do things such as add penalties, lock the match etc. This does not update the "Reported By" field. If you want to update the result as an admin, go into the "Enter Match Result" tab (which will update the "reported by" field)
  • Seasons can now have a status of "New" in which case events only appear in the admin tab and not in the league table. So you can set up new seasons without having them visible to everyone
  • It is possible to susbscribe to receive emails for:
    • match updates for an organisation - sends you a link to the match(s)
    • status emails - tells you something changed about the status box on the home page, e.g. the number of flagged matches or new player matches has changed which might mean that the admin needs to do something.
  • Restricted organisations for schools leagues in which case things such as player stats and match cards are only visible to logged in users in that organisation.
  • Googlemaps field on the club - for the venue.