Meir 'C' v Crewe 'E'

Division 5 Mon 7th Jan 2019
BoardHomeMeir 'C'Crewe 'E'Away
1 (B) 124A (117)
Windows, Peter J
1 - 0
Layhe, Simon
116A (126)
2 (W) 117C (116)
Fuller, David A
0 - 1
Price, David P
112A (115)
3 (B) 087C (82)
Rhodes, Raymond F
0 - 1
Fields, Adam
084F (89)
4 (W) 080C (78)
Burke, Eddie D
½ - ½
Gardner, Nigel
081B (85)
Adjustment-½ - ½
Penalty1 - 0
Total4080 - 3Total393

Last updated by Steve Emmerton at Tue 8th Jan 2019 11:06 Reported By Nigel Gardner Verified By Ray Rhodes


A very hard fought win for Crewe against some very strong opposition!!
Unfortunately as the evening went on it was realised that Meir had an over-graded team so I understand there is an adjustment to be made but not sure as to how or what?

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Meir have incurred a 1.5 point penalty for fielding an overgraded team. The result on board 4 is scored to Crewe, although the actual result stands for grading purposes. There is a further 1 point penalty for fielding an overgraded team, making the final result 3-0 to Crewe.