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Sheffield & District Chess Association - New Players

Pick which of the below players in the ECF list is: Darci Cooper

NameGradeSexECF CodeClub
Cooper, Dave0108827Victoria Dock
Cooper, DJ0108828Richmond & Twickenham
Cooper, David K0M108829EDF Energy
Cooper, David M171M108830Bushbury
Cooper, D0135497Shaftesbury
Cooper, D0M149943Atticus
Cooper, Dillon0154947Club Unknown
Cooper, D0174963Club Unknown
Cooper, D0178529Mossley School
Cooper, Duncan N0M187646Bath
Cooper, D0M224865Wolverhampton
Cooper, D0M230987Crewe *
Cooper, Daniel0M231278Sussex Juniors
Cooper, D0234779Crusaders Blackburn
Cooper, David A0243688Netherton
Cooper, D0M254770Durham City
Cooper, Doug79M256346Westminster (Birmingham)
Cooper, D0256729Bath
Cooper, David0257348Tiverton
Cooper, Dominic0M272192Coulsdon CF
Cooper, David Mystery0M276589Club Unknown
Cooper, Dave M117M278307Hull
Cooper, Dominic0M294780Middlesex Juniors
Cooper, Dan0303022Poole Grammar School
Cooper, Dylan E55M322840Staffordshire CA
Cooper, Dominic AC44M322841Staffordshire CA
Cooper, Darci0M327773English Deaf CA
Cooper, DanielM311246Cheddleton & Leek