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Sheffield & District Chess Association - New Players

Pick which of the below players in the ECF list is: Alex Harris

NameGradeSexECF CodeClub
Harris, April C0F151989Purley/Coulsdon*
Harris, A0172227Club Unknown
Harris, Adam0176311Fareham Junior
Harris, Andrew0M178972Harrogate
Harris, Alexis0M185872Christ's Col Middlesex
Harris, Aran0191593Surrey Juniors
Harris, A0212815Bolton
Harris, Andrew0223105Chorley
Harris, Adam0M240521Q Elizabeth School Barnet
Harris, Adam0M241307Kings College Junior School (Wimbledon)
Harris, Abraham0M257585Coulsdon CF
Harris, Alexander0M258334Kent Junior Congresses
Harris, Alan0260625Lewisham
Harris, Arthur0260766Kent Junior Congresses
Harris, Alexander0M267849Perse School
Harris, Alan0M288022Tynemouth
Harris, Andrew157M320370Lincoln
Harris, Adam0902374Club Unknown
Harris, AbigailF314175Rich's School Gloucester