Who is using the LMS ?

The report below shows the activity in the LMS broken down by organisation:


OrganisationNumber of ResultsLast Result
Birmingham & District Chess League17792020-03-13
Kent League7312020-03-14
North Staffs & District Chess Association6362020-03-23
Sheffield & District Chess Association5542020-03-14
Derby & District League4552020-03-17
Leeds Chess Association4262020-03-12
Somerset League3832020-03-19
North Gloucestershire Chess Association3722020-04-23
Hull and District Chess Association3682020-03-11
National Schools3552020-03-19
Bradford and District Chess Association3232020-03-11
Middlesex League2402020-03-13
Nottinghamshire Chess Association1932020-03-17
Thanet & East Kent Chess League1922020-03-12
York and District League1772020-04-05
Bristol & District Chess League1762018-05-11
East Lancashire Chess Association1672020-03-15
Torbay Chess League1612020-03-13
Doncaster & District Chess Association1472020-03-11
Mid-Sussex League1382020-04-16
Birmingham & District Junior Chess League1332020-03-19
Bury Area Chess League1052020-03-22
Cleveland Chess Association1032020-03-12
Blackpool and Fylde League1022020-03-30
Central Lancashire League972020-03-29
Devon County Chess Association882020-03-01
County Championship822019-07-13
West Midlands Area League812020-05-29
Bury and Rochdale League812020-03-10
Briant Poulter (Surrey Schools) League782020-04-02
Huddersfield & District Chess Association622020-03-31
Calderdale League522020-03-20
Lancaster, Morecambe and district League462020-02-21
Suffolk County Chess Association372020-05-10
Lincolnshire Chess Association332020-03-15
Staffordshire County Cups322020-03-13
Harrogate Evening League232020-03-17
Scunthorpe and District Association232020-03-03
Bolton & District Chess League212020-03-04
North Staffs & District Chess Association Miscellaneous Events202019-11-02
Test League172020-05-02
Plymouth Chess Club152019-08-14
Exeter & District Chess League132020-01-07
Lincolnshire Test System82019-12-13
Sussex County Chess Association52020-03-03
Test Southampton League12017-04-14