Somerset League - Auto Grading Status

Events with a status of OK will be sent to the grading system automatically. Events with results updated since 2019-12-31 will be included. Results after 2020-06-30 will be ignored. Please don't press the resubmit button unless you are correcting an event after a failure in the grading system

OrganisationSeasonEventOld Grading CodeNew Grading CodeNew ResultsTotal ResultsGraded ResultsStatusResubmit
Somerset League2019 SeasonDivision 2 WestLN00000631541250OKResubmit
Somerset League2019 SeasonDivision 2 EastLN0000063237570OKResubmit
Somerset League2019 SeasonDivision 3 WestLN00000633481240OKResubmit
Somerset League2019 SeasonDivision 3 EastLN0000063432700OKResubmit
Somerset League2019 SeasonDivision 1LN0000063525440OKResubmit
Somerset League2019 SeasonSomerset CupLN0000063613370OKResubmit
Somerset League2019 SeasonWellington Club ITJJWEN1920LN0000083145450IGNORED: Auto Grading Off| N/A
Somerset League2019 SeasonTaunton Club ITJJTAU1920LN0000083258580IGNORED: Auto Grading Off| N/A
Somerset League2019 SeasonFrome Club ITJJFRO1920LN0000083314140IGNORED: Auto Grading Off| N/A
Somerset League2019 SeasonWeston-super-Mare Club ITJJWSM1920LN00000834990IGNORED: Auto Grading Off| N/A
Somerset League2019 SeasonNorton Radstock Club ITJJNRK1920LN0000086919190IGNORED: Auto Grading Off| N/A