The aim of the League is to promote chess activities and competitions. It extends from Morecambe in the north to Leyland in the south and encompasses players of varied abilities and ages. If you would like more information about the league contact the league secretary

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Nominated Players for 2019
Preston - playing evenly matched two teams (Rule 17a):

  • For Preston 1, Brett Lund and Martyn Hamer will not be eligible to play for Preston 2
  • For Preston 2, Peter Jowett and Conor Reaney will not be eligible to play for Preston 1

Lytham 3 and 4 playing in order of strength (Rule 17b):

  • For Lytham 3 Colin Wilks and Pat Coleman will not be eligible to play for Lytham 4

Rapidplay cup

  • 11/11/19: A Poulton 1 v Lytham 1
  • 12/11/19: B Bispham 1 v Preston 1
  • w/c 9/3/19: C Winner A v Lytham 2
  • w/c 9/3/19: D Winner B v Poulton 2
  • Final Winner C v Winner D


  • E Loser A v Loser C
  • F Loser B v Loser D
  • Final Winner F v Winner E

Latest Results

Poulton 1  1 - 4  Preston 1  Mon 17th Feb 2020
No Tora, Tora, Tora this time by Poulton. More a case of steady away, which seemed to be w
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Lytham 4  2½ - 1½  Poulton 3  Thu 13th Feb 2020
Essentially this match was gifted to Lytham 4 by the default on Board 3. Also on Board 4 t
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Preston 1  2 - 3  Preston 2  Wed 12th Feb 2020
Prior to the match Carl Tillotson went down with the ‘virus’ and had to be replaced. A
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Poulton  4 - 4  Morecambe  Mon 10th Feb 2020
Morecambe won on board count. Congratulations to Morecambe on a well fought match with som
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