The LMS is a web based system. No software is downloaded onto your machine. Everything is done through your web browser. There is a home page for each organisation. People login to update the system. An organisation is usually a league, but it could be just a club who wish to run a club championship.

There is a short video here showing an introduction for new users.

If you want to use the system for your league, then proceed as follows:

  • Decide who is going to administer the league.
  • Using the contact form, request that an Organisation is created, and
    provide the email address of the league administrator.
  • The ECF LMS administrator will then create the new organisation, create a login id for the administrator and give them access to it.
  • The league administrator(s) associate clubs with their newly created organisation, create events, teams and fixtures.
  • The league administrator can request that the ECF create login id's for other people. There people can be assigned to clubs by the league admin so that they have the power to enter match results.
  • To enter a match result, select the players and match score. League tables are updated automatically.