Welcome to the Birmingham & District Junior Chess League.

2018/19 winners:
Division One - 1st KES A, 2nd KE Camp Hill
Division Two - 1st QM Walsall, 2nd KE Camp Hill
Division Three - 1st QM Walsall, 2nd Wolverhampton
Under 13 Division - 1st KES A, 2nd KE Five Ways

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The league will organise the a Rapid tournament for teams of 4 between 2-7pm on Friday, 7th February at KES. Please contact the League for more information.

Latest Results

QM Walsall B  12 - 0  Bishop Vesey  Fri 10th Jan 2020
QM team 3 - NarayanSsingh 4- Viraj Renghen 6 - Viraj Sandhu
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QM Walsall A  5 - 7  QM Walsall B  Fri 8th Nov 2019
QM A team: Alfie Patel; Ernest Chu; Manav Sawney; Abbas Shah; Ben Westwood QM B team: Sac
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QM Walsall B  4 - 8  Bishop Vesey  Fri 13th Dec 2019
QM team Vikram Sandhu; Ernest Chu; Muhammad Umair; Adam Guild; Benjamin Westwood; Jack Mar
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Kings Norton  3½ - 6½  QM Walsall A  Fri 6th Dec 2019
QM team 1 Caden Nar; 2 Nikhil Gupta; 3 Jack Martin; 4 Ernest Chu; 5 Abbas Shah
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