Nicholas B Stout

Games (Standard Rate)

Richard SmithL156Purbeck v PooleB&DCL Team Handicap Knockout CupDorset
Andrew M AldertonW121Bournemouth B v Purbeck B&DCL Div 4Dorset
Mark DinmoreL132Purbeck A v Dorchester CDCL Div 2Dorset
Julian C CherrysonW129Dorchester B v Purbeck ADCL Div 2Dorset
Philip M AstonD145Purbeck A v Weymouth BDCL Div 2Dorset
Robert HalseD143Highcliffe B v Purbeck ADCL Div 2Dorset
Peter DonaldsonL138Purbeck A v Highcliffe BDCL Div 2Dorset
Malcolm J SteevensW146Weymouth B v Purbeck ADCL Div 2Dorset
Colin A WilsonW132Purbeck A v Wimborne BDCL Div 2Dorset
Richard W UrsellD148Purbeck B v Highcliffe CDCL Div 3Dorset
Jorgen H NielsenW140Purbeck B v Wimborne DDCL Div 3Dorset
William J WoodhouseW123Dorchester D v Purbeck BDCL Div 3Dorset
Graham HillmanD131Purbeck B v Wimborne CDCL Div 3Dorset
P Dragi PopovicW148Poole B v Purbeck BDCL Div 3Dorset
John P WeatherlakeL165Purbeck B v Poole BDCL Div 3Dorset
Current Grade = 136, Estimated performance on these games = 149.8. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!